Scotch Whisky of the Year: Glen Grant Aged 18 Years Rare Edition Which when you think about it, is understandable since every brand wants a unique differentiator behind their offering. 41 Years & Over (Single Cask): The Macphail 1949 China Special Edition 1, BLENDED SCOTCH A distinctly different bourbon created with precise craftsmanship. It’s hard to drink this and not notice how off-balancing the heat is. Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible Award Winners 2020. Compared to say Stagg Jrof Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, 1792 Full Proof is less expensive, but then again, those also tend to come in at higher proof points. This is the fourth new brand extension in the 1792 portfolio, along with Sweet Wheat, Port Finish, and Single Barrel. I am docking 1792 a little for the heat though.

It’s a funky combination that isn’t traditional and it’s just not exactly what I’m looking for in a bourbon. 9 Bøg Single Malt (Denmark) Despite the ethanol, the nose here was very enjoyable, especially with the crisp pear note, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a more sweet profile from this high-rye bourbon.

We can't actually ship 1792 Full Proof to you in United States at the moment. I agree that it’s very good, but there are a number of other whiskeys I’d pick over this. This is a delivery of perfection: intense, seemingly no prisoners. The mash bill has not been disclosed, but numerous sources indicate that this bourbon is made from a mash of at least 15% rye. US Micro Whisky of the Year (Runner Up): 291 Barrel Proof Colorado Whiskey Aged 2 Years, BOURBON To answer the original question I set out to answer – Do I agree with Jim Murray about it being the top whisky of 2020?

is owned by The Sazerac Company, who also owns Buffalo Trace. It’s not that fruit-forward, but it still holds its own. Irish Pot Still Whiskey of the Year: Redbreast Aged 12 Years Cask Strength The heat ramps up big time and is immediately noticeable the moment the finish starts. At $50-60, it’s a no brainer for your whiskey shelf. There is no age statement on this bottle, but the company’s original release stated that this juice spent 8 1/2 years in the barrel before undergoing a special filtration process, foregoing the traditional chill-filtration and instead simply passing it through a plate and frame filter. You should know that we will store your details securely just in case we need to get in touch with you about your post in the future. 1.3/2.0 on the color scale (russet, muscat), While I’m talking about bourbon facts, here’s another one for you – Barton. I say “sort of” because full proof doesn’t exactly mean cask strength, but rather the white dog’s barrel entry proof, in this case 125 proof. It’s a very long and pleasant finish for a strong and intense bourbon that isn’t afraid to beat you up a little. 1792 Full Proof Bourbon taste & aftertaste.

One last fun fact for you – Jim Murray, a prominent whiskey writer that I know little about, selected 1792 Full Proof Bourbon as his 2020 world whisky of the year. At $50-60, it’s a no brainer for your whiskey shelf. I wanted this bourbon to work and I wanted to walk away loving it. Yes, I know that 125 proof is inherently not gentle, but I’ve had bourbons with similar, if not more alcohol, that weren’t as hot. 19 – 25 Years: Dewar’s Aged 25 Years The Signature Vital Stats: 125 proof. Bottled at its original 125 barrel entry proof, just as it was years ago when the barrels were first filled, 1792 Full Proof Bourbon is exceptionally distinct. Boy was I wrong. This bourbon’s name is derived from the fact that it’s been bottled at it’s original 125 barrel entry proof. No Age Statement: Thomas H. Handy Sazerac 128.8 Proof At the end of all of this, I think that 1792 Full Proof is a great bourbon that embodies a well-crafted traditional bourbon. “There will be eyebrows raised and claims of favoritism which, of course, is never the case with the Whiskey Bible: I call it exactly as I see it,” noted Murray. 93.7 Proof. In fact it’s one of the cheaper 120+ proof bourbons on the market. Irish Whiskey of the Year: Redbreast Aged 12 Years Cask Strength $45 for a high proof bourbon that is as high or higher than some barrel proof bourbons doesn’t seem too bad on paper. 2020 World Whisky of the Year The heat is to be expected for a bourbon of this proof, however it comes across as unbalanced and sometimes overbearing in this case. Compared to say Stagg Jrof Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, 1792 Full Proof is less expensive, but then again, those also tend to come in at higher proof points. Accessibility Policy  |  Privacy Policy  |  CA Privacy Policy  |  Terms of Use  |  Modern Slavery Statement  |  866-239-4690  |  1792@GREATBOURBON.COM  |  46.85% Alc / Abv. Sweet corn, cinnamon, syrup-soaked raisins, dried cherries, and a dash of vanilla are all present. Bottled at its original 125 barrel entry proof, just as it was years ago when the barrels were first filled, 1792 Full Proof Bourbon is exceptionally distinct.


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