ڶ���-�Jd�/N�����H��߷Dr\_*3�;2)�o�i���̪i@9���r�y���qu z� ��4��" b͑�a�/����B5}Yu�E19V� Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Result 2009 - Get latest updates on Madhya Pradesh general election results 2009, Madhya Pradesh LokSabha Election Results, Madhya Pradesh statewise LS poll result 2009 on Oneindia. Madhya Pradesh 10 Rewa Deoraj Singh Patel Bahujan Samaj Party x��WYs�F~篠ȕD�,i�C��Xq�\�Ѻ�_:�f:Mg����{��(9�mp|��K�d�d�`Q�^��})XX��W~��|SV�WX�Kn8+9�D���(~*�f���_ Madhya Pradesh General Election (Lok Sabha) Results The tables below represent the general election results for the state of Madhya Pradesh till now starting from the most recent year 2014. These cookies do not store any personal information. ²\���R�[� 5 0 obj /FitWindow true

Facebook; Twitter; List of Leading / Winning Candidate in Madhya Pradesh with area,name of Candidate and party. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

Vote India an Indian elections portal offers latest news, live events, happening, headlines, election results and editorials on Indian Political elections which include both lok sabha and assembly elections. /Pages 2 0 R endobj India held general elections to the 15th Lok Sabha in five phases between 16 April 2009 and 13 May 2009. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

x��YYs�~ׯ���a� q�Y�l�ؖ�w�Y�$�l�R�T��!?���Dʖ���Jc���nt7� ����������)�,g!��b����o�4���=N�0��sJ���=�� M9~�B��$��y@�0"L�3�"�\*�C� p…0�T�������f`',D4�o���}�X�I`tr����컔A�a��(���"���w��}��,�T��)�I�~2�BP��P)�'Q�娼��&,a�y�a| /Length 2334 You are at: Home » News » Regional » Madhya Pradesh » Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Results 2009. The 2009 Indian general election for Madhya Pradesh polls were held for 29 seats in the state. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. x��YYs� ~篘������1E��Җ,������!�dS�ʦʛ�����rHI.W�� 4��@t�x������$������>�z�Rr�������$(a��c,PBM��G��I�z@�_OR�`�Q��0԰ Each table shows the number of Lok sabha seats won by each participating political party in that particular year.

We'll assume you're fine with this, but you can opt-out if you wish, Maharashtra Lok Sabha Election Results 2009, Delhi Assembly Election 2020 Polling LIVE Updates, Delhi Polls 2020: Will Shaheen Bagh Politics Help BJP To Beat APP In Delhi, Bihar Legislative Assembly Election 2020 Voting Live Updates, RJD Leader Tejashwi Yadav Released His Party Manifesto For Bihar Elections, Record Seizures Worth Rs 35.26 Crores Done In Expenditure Monitoring Process In Ongoing Bihar Assembly Elections 2020, SBI Circle Based Officer Exam On November 28, Option To Submit Test Centre Choice Opens, Weight Loss: 6 Tips That Can Motivate You To Workout On A Day When You Feel Like Skipping It, West Indies Cricket Squad Breaks Covid Bubble Rules In New Zealand, India, China Agree To 3-Step Disengagement Plan In Pangong: Report, Explained: What passage of Proposition 22 means for Uber, Lyft, their workers in California, Samsung brings The Sero, its rotating TV to India: Price, features, Stand by BJP leadership’s decision to continue Nitish Kumar as CM: Bhupendra Yadav, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spaceship certified by NASA for Saturday launch. Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha General Elections 2009 Parliamentary Constituency 1 - MORENA Electors NominationsReturning Officer's Details Dates S.No.Name of the CandidateParty Votes SecuredResult NumberPer SHRI M.K. << This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. /NonFullScreenPageMode /UseNone Ram Mandir Will Be Built Under PM Narendra Modi? %PDF-1.2 Madhya Pradesh 17 Hoshangabad Uday Pratap Singh Indian National Congress Madhya Pradesh 23 Mandsour Meenakshi Natrajan Indian National Congress stream List of Leading / Winning Candidate in Madhya Pradesh with area,name of Candidate and party, Madhya Pradesh 1 Morena Narendra Singh Tomar Bharatiya Janata Party PS wise Voter Turnout %-General Election 2014 * Voter Turnout % For Lok Sabha Elections (1962 to 2009) * List of Final Contesting Candidates for General Election 2014 Madhya Pradesh * State wise Result-General Election 2014 * PC wise Result-General Election 2014 * Party wise Result-General Election … <<

�0�]��!�_"j�IX��U`�O'��_^���@G�ı� �'��x6C�y*r̃���*��C#�X �)�+�G�[�I��f�of�VO:=4����e,� :'w�j��`�؟�'$MhӏV��� She has a keen interest in Indian politics and following her passion for writing by delivering informative write-ups about the latest information of politics. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Madhya Pradesh 12 Shahdol Rajesh Nandini Singh Indian National Congress

Madhya Pradesh 2 Bhind Ashok Argal Bharatiya Janata Party Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. SCO 80, Sector 47-D, Chandigarh (UT), >> endobj /Filter [ /FlateDecode ] Madhya Pradesh 22 Ujjain Guddu Premchand Indian National Congress But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience.

!r�I���r�������D���Ǩ�r�m8�_v�ѢX;����&r�„0:��v�ϋ�?͇�Z�&s�n��-�F�,B���(Fb�BBt������,�悘Jh�9)�1���"�A:���ً"�x���P�����c]3������ӥ�h ~�-�]9���t�� ��Ƅ�9�������z�2c��}u��?�QUH�05�(E$��N�:3,�L��"?�H�#l�m`�A��9�ҧv�hy]fP9Z"�� R���jn;"���V����q!�ʋM���&����O�d�� .x]����@�k:����Hdx���6ޟ�W��:���ZA��+7[o����4�ќ2+�����ᰚ&y5=vөHY�Q+��� The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) won 16 seats, Indian National Congress (INC) 12 seats whereas the Bahujan Samaj Party won one seat. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. KW\�/)�:��o�!4�V���v,�2���?J��D ��3Q��ւ^;���k��ݵ_��n��=u��T��m��ױϥ`����J�tJ�UO ������α�mUj�Td�9�������Y.���ۗ�����z���>�&2Οop�� ��T칁�ჂNӪ�Q��ݼ}�T��������G�endstream Madhya Pradesh 7 Damoh Shivraj Bhaiya Bharatiya Janata Party

Madhya Pradesh 13 Jabalpur Rakesh Singh Bharatiya Janata Party Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh 4 Guna Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia Indian National Congress

The BJP was expected to perform well as it had won the assembly elections conducted in the state during November–December 2008. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. /Filter [ /FlateDecode ] stream

endobj The 2009 Indian general election for Madhya Pradesh polls were held for 29 seats in the state. /ViewerPreferences << >> Madhya Pradesh 15 Balaghat K. D. Deshmukh Bharatiya Janata Party ?�$G !%�0��O� E9O�V��(�o'�d�#�ob~b)�'��FC!�O�[O#a������Ͻ���O=�tlj��%OAw�n��`���(���"y�W����)�d��LE����SR����R)�g��Q}��m�X(o��9�XPc��5�*��?���`c�W+t^p�G�~�}�߸ b�X㰿O�w����O� G2y��9$^`=�,<5�pV��R��C��vehW��M{�z ����� ��޾��`�ݺ�Y� ��e�ў�_��/�ϢU5��/�O�(��Q('O��dr�9 3�10��)شm�YU�q�R���Kp�H�Ӹ��k�]��xB�x��w���p��ڦ��_]-��% n�q[jfˇ��۔zԜ�r!Cu3J�x% K㰲�v>��y�k����K� ���4T�xV�.�a�����BJ68���3#m�� Sr�L�c�u�x�rG��l��4Z ����`�3�)h� �=B�kzs{��P/O=XI.���+��@J!4r��^�V�8�m���m��CT�C���@��c��wmS�C8�/f��̝�|{���&��`J;�����g������蝭$���m^�}��T���V5}]cq8�����w�KS.��I ͤ"U��p� ���S���g����tt�z�}�s����`[��L��� �;F�6vs܎.c��(Z 1��L��R���i`2��]H�z���*�ÆvD*]�̏`T�z��cgĀ��8��Uzi�B�8��1��^�˅6.RE���\�Z�[�0BK_ڍ`�Q�fh��R`FBו�\blG;�M��,/�H�ʸp������;�\o� �7��=a;۳=��||o�\H�i�z�G��) qœ>������q�J)�8��l}8劥ٛݮ�Ոq�GR-��&�)�|��x:햹��iY8aJ%���Z鼝N���:܌�����*�!��!��7@�ΙK{��m�a��(����t�p��ċŘO�ۮM��|�'d�'"q�+�r7SJ�_�p��dt>y���c�6��6�B��QJ����N��B��+w�^cA�C�yC#k�M���4�G�&��G�$�� ��!u�e$f�(�t��r����'���p�>5Q�8��h�ch(k�48s�A�h:E�AJ;:���\SyP6L��:P�N�� w��w���ļ�&ȝ��;����� � y' ʝ&�5A�4)���=�H��D���J�2�L��;xۉ�%���,�b��z��e�ĭq�{vBl����;� Madhya Pradesh 29 Betul Jyoti Dhurve Bharatiya Janata Party. Madhya Pradesh 24 Ratlam Kantilal Bhuria Indian National Congress

ɇ���am�'���S�囉Q9J8V���.u�;�uϠ�:�JP�hZ9D���X��p|U����� �� �� 4�Z&Nn&�Yݭ�à�a� �D�Z�S�8q����,�NH'�4ͭ��h�x"�K@[�a��Ad#��]p|a�pP�F��@�C>c�9E��[L�}�Ť����?�gv�g��u��v39��G��M�T��h�;jb#�F�ȅ�-J��()G���I4+G��B�Ea�o9����[�ˑ�\*�b8�y�&iЎ�T��/O�r�������i�p��OP�ti ���"�$v�(;�����������~6i��NI&�p��+$m����� ߩ��J�0�ܬo�ZӞ����U�e�^��V��W��1��0��\f�"�@��Tv�ÝU���&;��B�y}|�n7��May������b���X�/0��EuH|�M ����q䘲�i�sBO� ~VE�q�x��6�ylR��U�2�����:����WH�6'4�:�G�'%a1���C�.6(i�qN{�]-N��%�q��Y��k����d��+H���Z�B�'r`H\�~H4�r������P����'���OU���r*�+�>��n� �n������7��Z��.��q'���y�z�(��Ȧ#���;ɠ3��o�:�>+y��11p�+Uw�Z�����ű+�u{1�"�GJC8y�U�o�װ�ʸ��2>������!�:���#2Q���ܽZB���v��!�|r�J����w�?�]|bwщ����V��^᭔�]�J}K�Y.�c�)ع7���A�T���M�sѵ��g���.>D��3�/E���!���{ _��]!�`tn���f��+���P�;��Y���R�v�^� �va�����'��w��J�r�ws�����U����q�+/���b��PL�z.N�皟O��î;U���07��^t ��]in�!�b#K��|��\�+���XD(I��q?�d�ZOK�~�� ̀j�e1ȸ��A�vq����J�R�쀒�ʘ1�a�A��|2s2;�dB�2;�d���/�� 뽬ape��y��� ����{�7�^� 627��޼i}���VGš$c���QѼi�q�);�5�)q�"W�GW��>!�5����2��ys_��H*DP ܥ����/B-nAr}�yRg��(&5H�W^\�A��B.|)YƍT_2e�|�8���$s}ڸi��˾i��wZu�� K�5�Uh|6���!Kzva?nT ��~O���BCwy� �n2Ll�L!k�WMh�Ŀ?�4���o����� �����M���݀������jaendstream


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