New York will be prepping for the 2020 NBA Draft next week. Poku has a really good jumper but it is extremely inconsistent.

On the other hand does great job in protecting the rim. He has not excelled in any one area (besides defensive playmaking / being a good team defender regardless of position), but he has been pretty solid all around considering his age. Poku turns and pushes the ball quickly after he grabs boards, creating extra opportunities in transition. One of the biggest attractions to Pokuševski’s game are the flashes he’s shown as a perimeter shooter. Quicker guards with good triple threat fakes can beat him to the rim as well. He’s also an intriguing player in the pick-and-roll; capable of filling both roles. Has some pretty bad misses that should be makes, which goes back to needing to work on his touch. Given his lack of strength / leverage, it is doubtful Poku becomes a legit post up threat in terms of taking shots close to the basket. Post Up: * Very small sample size * Poku has a high center of gravity and lacks strength all over, which makes displacing people difficult. He needs some work on his outside shot, but there are plenty of encouraging signs he’ll continue to get better. Can shoot off the bounce going in either direction. The best cheap burger in every state. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The footwork quickness, and flashes he’s had (including on some misses) is really impressive – he is ready to set and shoot immediately upon the release. However, he will have to develop more athletically too really become a true vertical spacing threat. Knows how to read defenses and attack closeouts, specially when allowed to go right side. Post Up Defense: *Small sample size due to being mostly a perimeter big right now * Needs work with technique (foot positioning, hand positioning, too upright) and has to get stronger – can get dislodged by those smaller than him due to lack of strength and physicality. Looks bigger than he did with FIBA, though still room to add some weight. Poku is fluid shooting off handoffs, both behind the screen and off the dribble. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Here is Zachary’s take on this amazing young talent: Measurements: 7’0” / 200lb / 7’3” wingspan / 9’1” standing reach, Advanced Stats: 25 AST% / 21.4 REB% / 3.1 STL% / 8.5 BLK %, 105.4 OFF RTG and 84.4 DEF RTG for a +21 NET RTG, Buyout from Olympiacos set at $1 million if he is drafted before the 20th pick… could increase to $1.5 million if he is a lottery pick… Contract expires in summer 2024… NBA team can payout a max of $750 thousand… Rest of buyout falls on Poku to pay… Low chance of draft and stash…, Born in Serbia… Goes by Poku… Joined Olympiacos youth team in 2015… Participated in 2019 Basketball Without Borders Camp… Youngest Olympiacos EuroLeague player in team history… Led FIBA U18 play with 4 blocks per game… Currently plays in the Greek A2 Basket League for Olympiacos…, Said in an interview that he wouldn’t change anything about his character and that he can’t stand laziness in other people… Wants to donate money to repair his village at home with his rookie contract…, Missed 3 months of play with a knee injury… Saw minimal playing time in one EuroLeague game and 16.5 MPG off the bench in three A2 games compared to 25.6 MPG as a starter before the injury… No public details of exact injury, team physicals could be crucial to his draft stock…, Needs to put on at least 20-30 pounds of muscle… Good sprinter in transition… Questionable motor at times… Gets up vertically without having to load… Good one and two foot jumper… Inconsistent balance on his jumpers… Struggles making cross court passes due to lack of strength… High center of gravity hurts his lateral quickness…, Projected Draft Landing: Between picks 20-40.

Poku struggles with his closeouts. The biggest and most glaring flaw in Pokuševski’s game doesn’t have to do with his ability at all, yet his shyness from contact and slender build (lack of strength). Daily Thunder will keep you informed on whether those players look like good targets for Oklahoma City. His arc and follow through can be a bit inconsistent, though. Pokuševski isn’t without his downsides. Can try to force passes into tight places and can miss passes on drives / while forcing up a shot. He doesn’t get close enough for ball handlers to take the right angles and run defenders off his screens. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. May 6, 2020 May 6, 2020 by AdvanceProBasketball. He averaged 6.6 defensive rebounds per game in only 23 minutes per game. Mobility: Despite his size, Pokuševski moves like a guard—easily gliding across the court with or without the ball in his hands. His weight is a huge issue here.

A lean string bean, Serbia’s Aleksej Pokuševski is a high-risk, high-reward prospect who played for Olympiacos last season. As long as Poku works on his consistency, he can be a much better perimeter defender. He also flashed NBA range last season and isn’t afraid to fire away from anywhere.

However, if the team drafting him lets him play as the ballhandler, his deep range (including off the bounce), handle, ability to pull up off the bounce, and hit passes out of the PnR / off the bounce could provide some intriguing double-big PnRs or inverse PnRs next to a G. Synergy Profile (I know there is a lot of noise here, but this is just added information): 61 / 92. Report: NBA 2020-21 Season Details Taking Shape. Aleksej Pokusevski is expected to be highest picked player from Balkan countries in this edition of NBA Draft, specially after Filip Petrusev and Marko Simonovic decided to withdraw their names from Draft.

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Off Ball Defense: Poku’s fluidity as an athlete gives him some range chasing guys off screens.

Also shades of Dragan Bender in his play. Check out the following clip, for example. Poku is very good in transition, especially for a big. Has fluid hip (and pretty quick) hip turns for his size with the ability to flip his hips multiple times on one play. His footwork is awkward from the midrange. Vanderbilt University and Cardozo Law School graduate with prior scouting experience with the Phoenix Suns and general basketball operations experience with the Tulsa Shock. His passing vision is very good and his momentum in transition helps him get his passes to his targets without floating them. Quick decisions, nice touch, really nice job using his height seeing the full court. While he may be a natural shot blocker because of his instincts and length, he may have a hard time defending traditional big men and might have to be relegated to the four where it’s possible he’ll have problems defending consistently away from the basket. Has really thinny hips and is unable to guard stronger players, on low post specially.

He plays like a much smaller player when scoring around the rim, staying below the rim unless he’s in transition. Should be able to fit in a variety of schemes due to his athletic fluidity. 2020 Top 100 Prospect Rank: 25 … He has poor percentages around the rim and tends to completely avoid taking shots around the rim.

Definitely more of a shooting big versus being an interior big, but he has shown the ability to attack the rim off the bounce (to varying results) which could be a big skill for him if the outside shot develops. Does not have much vertical pop. He had a decent sample size with 53 attempts over 11 games at 32.1% from deep. He needs to put on weight if he wants to be successful as the screener in the P&R and P&P. In addition, he is also susceptible to getting out of his stance / getting a bit too upright at the point of attack and letting the ballhandler get past him…and when  this happens, though Poku has shown flashes of getting downhill back to his man, other times he gives up on fully recovering and protecting the rim, giving up a pretty easy layup. With a bounty of draft picks from the 2019 Tradepocalypse summer, the Thunder will be scouting young prospects at the top of recruiting and draft classes once again. Let’s take a deep dive into his game. Currently I would only use him in the post versus guards who switched on him.

This fluidity and athleticism helps when he’s working off-ball to spot up or take a movement three, or even bringing the ball up in transition and leading the break (something he’s quite good at). Needs to add weight and core strength – can be pushed off his spot / dislodged on both ends of the court. When Poku has played as the big defender and the ballhandler is about to shoot (limited sample size with Olympiacos, more reps doing this with the Serbia U18 team), Poku does a nice job recovering to the shooter and contesting the shot with his length – pretty quick to recognize when the player is about to shoot, too. Able to shoot off the dribble but still lacks of consistency in off the bounce looks. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Poku does a nice job with his positioning (playing the block off ball, elbow / nail in PnR, etc), stunting on drives, digging, tagging cutters / the roll off ball, etc, but is prone to ball-watching and being late / losing his man off ball. It was a small sample, but does show his precision. On possessions where Poku is beat off the dribble, he will try to poke the ball from behind instead of recovering. ET on Thursday at Augusta National Golf Club. New, 16 comments. His teammate looks for him as an outlet following the missed shot and he weaves in and out of the defense with the ball in his hands. In addition, he has good flashes of moving his feet pretty quickly (but not consistent), so he might still be growing into his frame – could be untapped athletic potential. When his man gets the first step on him, there isn’t much effort shown to recover.


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