"We've a surprise planned for our guests.

Said the killer. I know you are loathe to share the glory." As he reached the top, he spies a lone Templar facing the opposite direction of the Assassin. There he sees many Assassin charging out of the fortress to fight the invaders, he also sees many injured Assassin laying in the courtyard while other Assassins are tending to their injuries. "Damn… was not expecting that to happen…" Jaune murmured as he watched a fate of the two nameless Assassins. The screen opens with Altaïr standing in a town square filled with villagers doing their activities plus few men are wearing similar attire Altaïr. The white-hood said trying to reason the now named assassin. As soon as you perform the leap of faith, jump out of the haystack and book it across the beams to the wall at the end. Also please understand that my friend tython055's computer is taking much longer to repair than expected. • After the kill the two remaining Assassins followed and went straight ahead of the killer soon followed, they move in and together, they get a look at the next room they are standing on higher ground as they look down towards there surroundings. I will remind you. We'll need to mount another force.". He reminds me of Weiss!" Jaune gasp seeing the treasure now in Assassin hands. The screen turns white then opens again showing the Animus screen. The team seemed to grow more interested in the game learning about the Templars and what role they would play in the game. "I guess we now know where they are, but what are Templars." You all had the same idea giving tough guy Altaïr that nickname.". That's it?!" "The second tenet is that which gives us strength: Hide in plain sight. As he left the fortress, he met Rauf once again, who told him to keep the attackers distracted so that the others could have time to reach the fortress. Main We are under attack!

"Show this fool knight what it is to have no fear! Ren explains as he tries to comfort his friends. Pyrrha said with a disappointed tone seeing how poorly at how Altaïr did in his action. Ren says, calming her down.

"Dead." The only dicey part may be climbing the wall at the end, as Altaïr's climbing is kind of awkward in some cases. Al Mualim backhanded Altaïr across the face for his insolence. He ordered his men. "I mean, come on! The Master says as he continues. Malik whispers loud enough for them to hear then points at Altaïr with rage as he yells at him. "You got it, fearless leader!" "Ugh!" Why would they do that?!"

Altaïr climbed down and approached the Templars, announcing the presence of the Assassins on the way. "Robert de Sablé!" "I trust your mission was a success?". The screen opens showing Altaïr stands in front of AL MUALIM and other onlookers within the courtyard of the fortress. The raven head pointed out, noticing how similar the villagers are with Altaïr.

The three assassins looked ahead, and they saw a large golden chest with drawings and unique symbols on top of the chest looked like a golden trophy. ", "Do not speak! Try not to dishonor us further.".

", 'The name 'Altaïr' is a word in the Arabian language, meaning bird or soar.'. Nora sighed as she uses the controller to move Altaïr. Technical information

"Take yourself from here before I'm forced to thin your ranks further!". You'll have to go ahead without us. "Your village lays in ruins, and your stores are hardly endless! Get down to the bottom of the hill without stopping to fight any Templars and the invasion will end. Altaïr lunged at Robert with his Hidden Blade. We need your help!" As he ran toward the village, he continues to fight and kill any Templar he comes across. Nora said, holding back a chuckle. Despite the scene, JNPR can't help but feel that something was wrong. Said the grey hooded assassin which sounded slightly younger than the previous voice with a tone of respect towards the killer. ", "When does our work ever go as expected?


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