Natalie Talmadge Keaton was driven by three needs: To keep up with and even surpass her more famous sisters, to meet what she considered the public’s expectations of her as a fashion icon (to be photographed in the same outfit twice was inconceivable), and to exhibit the lifestyle she thought a Hollywood star (and his wife) deserved. Despite his on-screen brilliance, Keaton’s personal life and his film career were filled with hard times and sorrows. Between the husband and wife wings were individual bedrooms and a bathroom for their two sons.

But he pushed down the asking price, way down. 3,374 views Unrated.

It was at the estate that Grant threw dinner parties and weekly Sunday gatherings for his friends including Marlene Dietrich, David Niven, Rosalind Russell, and Merle Oberon. He observed other vaudeville performers, and trained with them; he had summers off in an actors’ colony that his father helped to found in Muskegon, Michigan, and Buster learned to sing, dance (his teacher was Bill “Bojangles” Robinson), juggle, perform card tricks and magic (thanks to godfather Houdini), play the piano and the ukulele, and write gags and parodies.

When the three-year-old took a tremendous tumble down a flight of stairs and got up unharmed, famed magician and escape artist Harry Houdini, a friend and the child’s godfather, said “What a buster your kid took!” (The word buster meant a dangerous fall.). The two comedians were an instant hit with audiences. Buster Keaton's house (former) Woodland Hills, California (CA), US. The house looked out over a huge lawn and a Roman-bath swimming pool, which had a mosaic-tiled bottom. Ten days before rehearsals were scheduled to begin, Keaton met Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, who would become both his movie mentor and close friend.

as Charlie Chaplin’s straight man .

MICHAEL KEATON: --- 826 Napoli Drive, Pacific Palisades.. BUSTER KEATON: --- 22612 Sylvan Street, Woodland Hills. This is the last house of Buster Keaton. Keaton had to file for bankruptcy. Now that it’s clear Disneyland and California Adventure won’t reopen soon, the resort says it will furlough many workers it had recently brought back. . Glimpse their lives and latest real estate deals in our weekly Hot Property newsletter. She got everything in the United States, while he kept all their property abroad. In 1966 he died here. Disneyland announces more furloughs, blames California coronavirus rules. And she held onto both.

Former Los Angeles Times reporter Neal J. Leitereg covered celebrity real estate for the Business section. Virtual Globetrotting ... Woodland Hills, California (CA), US. In May 1921, Keaton made one of the biggest mistakes of his life: He married actress Natalie Talmadge, second of the three Talmadge sisters and sister-in-law to Joseph Schenck. The 3,007-square-foot house was placed in a conservatorship prior to listing for sale in May for $8.795 million. Verge assisted him, along with Keaton’s special-effects man, Fred “Gabe” Gabouri. As for the 3,007-square-foot house, it features four bedrooms, four baths, beamed ceilings, sliding glass doors, wood-paneled walls, and some rather interesting built-ins.

had planned and engineered himself.

Unlike Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd, Keaton had been nearly wiped out financially by the stock market crash in October 1929 and the Depression.

When Buster Keaton showed guests around his grand Spanish-style mansion on a three and one half-acre estate a block behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, he sometimes joked, “I took a lot of pratfalls to build that dump.”. (He even designed his own bedroom furniture.) That’s how Buster Keaton got his name, and the world got the third brilliant member of its silent-screen Comedic Triumvirate: Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, and Buster Keaton.

When something broke or fell into disrepair, she just closed the door and didn’t use that part of the house.

Pamela also let the house be filmed for The Godfather (1972). “I think I have had the happiest and luckiest of lives,” he said. More than 60 years after it was subdivided, the Buster Keaton estate in Beverly Hills is now back together, nearly as it once was. Even with all the partying and moviemaking, Pamela made no substantive changes to the estate. When she started broadcasting her radio show from the house, she added acoustical tiles to the living room ceiling. A month after listing their Montecito, Calif., compound for $39.9 million, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have sold it for $33.3 million. Actress Marlene Dietrich made a cameo in its history as a former tenant; Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole stayed as guests of the Masons when they first came to Hollywood. The half-acre property where Elvis and other celebs once cavorted is on the market for the first time in 60 years, Now spicing up the market in the 90210 is a vintage time capsule that boasts a bounty of Old Hollywood associations (although it must be said, some are awfully tenuous).

She feared, she said, that the changes she had made to the interior would break his heart. In 1932, Natalie divorced Keaton, charging him with “acts of cruelty” in a bitter and widely publicized court case. As always, she disappointed him.

Calls to many businesses now result in recordings about “unusually high call volume.” The reality, experts say, is that there aren’t more calls — but fewer agents answering phones. Keaton, in turn, informed his wife that he would accept her decision, but would have affairs outside the marriage.

“Maybe this is because I never expected as much as I got.

In 1966 he died here. By the time he was five, Buster was formally added to the family act and instantly made “The Three Keatons” a success. Geography. Although forgotten now, Gene Verge is listed as the architect; it was Keaton who planned large parts of the house and grounds. Pamela wanted the house to be comfortable and convenient for her two children. The kitchen and servants’ rooms, including the servants’ dining room, were also in the east wing. Over the years, Pamela hosted numerous glittering parties at the villa, which were attended by that era's celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor, Groucho Marx, and Vincente Minnelli, as well as rock stars who knew her college-age children. © 2020 The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills. “It was very beautiful.

By the late 1920s and early 1930s, Keaton’s film career was spiraling downward. She took his entire fortune. She refused to allow Keaton to see them for the next nine years.

Hot Property: Nick Kroll eyes $2.35 million for his Los Feliz charmer. She took the Italian villa.

. But Keaton wasn’t kidding about taking a lot of pratfalls.


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