↳   Other specific conditions and disabilities, ↳   Your 'how to' guide for using the forum. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Can anyone shed some info please thanks. It's still your responsibility to ring and tell them because you shouldn't have received it. You need to make sure that the carers element is added to future payments, if it isn't then add a note on your journal saying your partner is caring for you for 35 hours per week.

Carers Allowance is deducted £1 for £1 from UC payments so there will be a deduction of approximately £280 per month anyway. If this is your first visit, check out the, I wondered if anyone knows why the car's allowance has been deducted from ym universal credit this month?

If it was our error fair enough we would pay it back but its THEIR error we shouldnt be punished for it.

Spoken to carers allowance and even they said it shouldnt be recovered due to it being their error. Any advice please? Treatment of gratuitous care payments - Appeal Phil R . Carer's Allowance is an overlapping benefit and has always been deducted from Universal Credit (and legacy benefits). If the money came from carers allowance then you will need to ring them and UC because carers allowance is deducted £1 for £1 from your UC and you shouldn't have received that backdated money. CAB has advised me that due to me being classed as vulnerable to request the recovery of the money is set aside awaiting a call back from case manager now to discuss. See link. Can I ask what is wrong with him? Then your partner receives the carers allowance separately. It looks like you're new here. This is because they're over lapping benefits. Really confused. Put all your details into a benefits calculator and see what it comes up with but both your pension are counted as income and will affect what you can claim. After that though, we are confused. My advice is to keep the money and offer to repay it as one lump sum and then it's done with. I agree it's their error but for UC it's recoverable.

I get what you are all saying but it does state on the link poppy sent me that discretion is a possibility. As your son claims ESA and he's under 25 then you shouldn't have any non dependent deductions from your housing benefit, you need to check this with your local council. A Carers Assessment involves talking to Social Services about things that might "support your caring role". Hi Sorry for confusing everyone! If it was me i wouldn't spend it and i'd pay it back as one lump sum, otherwise your UC furture payments will decrease further because of the overpayment. (£291!) Without deviation from the norm , progress is not possible. Scope website does not list Carers Allowance as a benefit that's affected by UC. Tony, I see you are caring for your brother? We have all the proof from them in letters stating they knew we have been getting uc benefit and that they would need to check with them before issuing any backdating payments. The previous amount deducted should have been £286 but as CA increased in April it's increased to £291. The only advantage to claiming carers allowance at the same time is the class 1 NI credits towards your state pension. Carers Allowance is a DWP benefit. Over payments for couples over 25 at the standard rate is £74 per month. But they stated on the letter we had 3 days ago. Might be better than benefits, but first you need the assessments. - I'm penalised because I have a pension lump sum, so tarriff income is being applied at about £100 a month from my benefits. Hi I'm on Carers allowance for my son and get housing benefit. You do normally get extra universal credit money when you claim carers allowance; because you have an award of CA, you are entitled to an addition on your universal credit claim called carer element. When claiming Carers allowance and either ESA, Income Support or UC the the Carers allowance is deducted £1 for £1 for the benefit you're claiming. If you don't receive the LCWRA then you'll need to ask UC to add the Carers element, which is £160 per month. If you were claiming any other benefit like ESA then it wouldn't be recoverable. If this is your first visit, check out the, Hi can anyone help please....i have just recieved my carers allowance what has been back dated 3 months, but universal credit have takin it all, so i havnt received any payment of carers, i thought they was seperate claims and i should of got the carers money?????? In other words you are no better off financially with carers allowance than without. This is because you can't receive carers allowance twice. If you're receiving the LCWRA element in with your UC then you won't be able to claim the Carers element on top. Community champion and proud winner of the 2019 empowering others award. They have stated because we have already received the payment they cant automatically take it back off us but have given advice to request for UC to set it aside and not recover. I only now get carers allowance every week. What's the point in claiming carer's allowance if the dwp stop it from your entitlements.my wife is my carer which she gets £64.30 p/ week for.this is paid for doing OVER 35 hours per week as a carer,£271.00 is then taken off our universal credit.i think this is disgraceful but don't know what can be done. Do you live alone? If you haven't had it deducted previous and were definitely receiving both Universal Credit and Carer's Allowance for the past year, it's likely you're facing quite a … How many bedrooms in your house and do you rent from social housing or privately? Your Carers allowance affects Income Support and a carers premium is added.

Is it UC or ESA you're claiming? Well surely because I'm classed as vulnerable they need to consider discretion they cant take nearly £600 a month off a vulnerable person. My partner claimed carers allowance for me made them aware that we claim universal credit but today they have put over £2000 in her bank. It's possible that you can receive the carers element of UC added to your claim but this will depend on your circumstances.

This award was given for supporting disabled people and I asked about his illneess and council tax, because IF he had learning difficulties he and you might be exempt. Last reply 13 Oct 2020 at 10:59 am by Paul_Treloar_AgeUK.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... ings-30601, http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... t-payments. I'm confused by your questions. You need to make sure that UC have added the carers element. Open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. their families for the benefit advice i have given to members here on the community. We know CA will be deducted from the UC and that for the first few weeks (either 5 or 13) he will be on a very very low income. A carers element is added to the UC of £156 per month. All we can do is ask for a discretion not to recover to be considered as why should we be punished for CA error. So, for ESA and IS when claiming carers allowance you're £36 per week better off and £156 per month when claiming UC. Your Ill health pension will affect UC, Income Support, JSA and ESA Income related £1 for £1 because these are means tested benefits and they are counted as income when claiming any of them.


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