You can refer to this template if you want to have some idea on the process that covers all that you might want to know about. In most cases, you'll be given a 'Confidential Information Memorandum' (CIM) relating to a company the private equity fund could invest in. Ask any professional buyer of businesses or investor what section of a CIM they frequent most and nearly all will say they read the executive summary and the financials.

- Is the industry cyclical? ", McManus says private equity funds will often confuse candidates by providing them with CIMs relating to companies the fund's already invested in. It is our job to dig through and digest all the information, package it into a professional selling document and provide critical feedback along the way.

For seasoned sell-side advisors like those that work with Captarget, we thought it would be worthwhile to review what really matters when creating a CIM based on our experience of what works. 880 W. Washington St.San Diego, Ca 92103 (HQ). The mentioned sample is an authorisation form of the investments if you too need to design such form for your firm or business use this template. This template can save a lot of your time that might go on understanding the structure which is already finely defined here. This template has been framed with a comparison of the scheme between India and China. If you want to get some idea on the private equity investment in India this sample template on the schemes and regulations can help you to a good extent. ", Another current private equity professional says you shouldn't go out on a limb though, and you should appear cautious: "Keep all assumptions conservative at all times so as not to raise difficult questions. There's some overlap, but they're about as thorough as you can get. Which top private equity firm should you work for? You need to argue why certain industry is good, and why you have a competitive advantage or not. Every practice or strategy retains some level of benefits and drawbacks with its usage and private equity is no exception to it. Different private companies in India or other nations are always structured with different types of schemes. What's the main source of demand for its products? When you're considering the costs, you need to think about: - The operational gearing (What's the fixed cost vs. the variable cost? He also advises getting friends who've been through case study interviews before to put you through some mock questions on your presentation. Consider your audience as you tell your client’s story. For years, financials were presented as an Appendix to the story, or even as a supplementary document. Investments need to be strategized before being exercised in the market that is why this is the responsibility of the investors to monitor their capital to be utilised for what purposes. Explore our services on our M&A Services page. This looked completely wrong compared to everything else he knew about the business. interviewing for a job in a private equity firm, How to make it through private equity interviews and get the job, The perfect resume for breaking into private equity. When you're considering the revenues, you need to think about: - How stable the revenues are (are they cyclical? The fund you're interviewing with will want to see that you can think like an investor, not just a financier. Only then do they decide to commit significant time to understand the more nuanced elements of the business ownership and operations. What are its key products and markets? Or do you say NO – making it look like you disagree with the judgement of your potential employer? eFinancialCareers is a DHI service

It describes the process of taking the private ownership of a company to reshape it properly for selling it at a profitable price. The given sample of the template does so and structures the different aspects and responsibilities of the after-investment period. These selling documents always start with the presentation of an Executive Summary, which highlights the transaction at hand and summarizes the main selling points and high-level areas of interest needed to orient to the opportunity. Something went wrong while submitting the form. The pricing of the sales of the share is also not like the case of publicly listed companies, it is often decided by the negotiations between the sellers and the buyers. Designed with graphical representation and proper description of the process of the investment this template might guide your different decisions and trade steps. Use this to drive how you present the information without blurring the lines into ‘pitching’ too hard. - The selling, general and administrative expenses (SG&A). Having access to a team of analysts who have developed a significant volume of CIMs over nearly a decade makes the process better, faster, simpler and less expensive. You'll be expected to a) value the company, and b) put together an investment proposal - or not. The narrative is created through careful evaluation and consultation with management. CIM Group is a private equity real estate fund manager with a series of closed and open-ended real estate and infrastructure funds. "Too many people wimp out at this stage and will start putting caveats around the pricing decision. Private equity investments are made by different private firms and institutions that needs o be authorised by the authority or in-charge committee.

While working with our team, clients no longer have to wonder what or how to say what is needed to communicate with buyers and instead can focus on all the other necessary elements of a business sale. Lastly, McManus says you need to use your common sense. Or you can also have ideas on our private equity investment criteria. ", In this situation, most candidates end up saying they would invest, but McManus says this is a mistake. The Transactional Overview section is generally a technical summary of the desired transaction. If you want to have some idea of investing in Indian companies in private equity this template might help you. Be warned: recruiters say this is the hardest part of the private equity interview process. into a regular feature of the private equity marketplace, with its own set of evolving norms and practices that can be assessed as a distinct category of private equity activity. CAPTARGET provides deal origination to private equity groups and corporate buyers, as well as M&A research services to middle market M&A firms. Strategic Consideration Coverage can vary on how the opportunity is being presented and to who. Sell-side advisors can sometimes overlook the basics when building a CIM or pitchbook. Planning the private equity investment professionally for business or other purposes needs to be informative and summarising perfect. She says this makes life difficult for candidates: "How do you respond? McManus warns that you will never have enough time to complete the case study properly. - Its margins (are they sustainable/improvable)? An investment in any sort of business needs to be strategized according to the size of the business, the probable future performance, etc.

Preparing for a PE case study has distinctive challenges for consultants and bankers. How do they communicate? That’s what they are looking for. -Business overview or executive summary-Strategic considerations specific to the technology, company position etc.-Transactional overview -Company history-Core competencies -Expansion and growth opportunities include market analysis-Sales and customer information-Products and/or services overview-Ownership details, cap table details-Management and employees-Financial information summary-Operations-Facilities-Industry overview-Competition-Trade associations-Financial statements/Financial modeling. The most important thing that a CIM does is tell a story. Whether it's a positive or negative story all depends on how well the investment advisor does their research and how well they extrapolate the information.

), - The exit opportunities from the investment, - The synergies with other companies in the PE fund's portfolio, With all this to consider, you're likely to run out of time. CAPTARGET provides deal origination to private equity groups and corporate buyers, as well as M&A research services to middle market M&A firms. If you get a chance to take the CIM home and to prepare it ahead of time, he says you should get someone who already works in PE to check it over for you. Thank you! "It's a cheat sheet for some of my friends," he says. When you're considering the industry, you need to think about: - What the company does.

Sure, there will be formatting or presentation differences for different advisors. Private equity investments are made by different private firms and institutions that needs o be authorised by the authority or in-charge committee.


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