Weather: Weather Underground Reports, Latest Mountain SOARING Forecast from the Reno NWS Office, Reno: Looking ENE from Truckee. RAOB program Sophisticated analysis of RAOB data, includes some soaring forecasts.

20km RUC BLIPMAP forecasts, Link to pilot flight experiences using BLIPMAPs.

Basic information   See the instructions, and useful if you learn how to zoom into the lower part of the atmosphere where we fly. Sponsors ��!�!�'�Dq �B��~��9R`?9:�X�j�F���o�(Oz�N'��0�;�"���$�Zn�����b��j� �i�p�[q@�"���|�k�*��^8';�e!����Pne�G�;Y���ϋ�v���0G�g��o�s��_~A\,vA�����z)%���!�,*�{x=[��L�}2E��&�vFRע���ڞ���l=�S��� ���%��:����%�٘}�. Updated:  August 11, 2018 are possible.

DrJack sez: If you are viewing this page you are likely someone unfamiliar with NAM BLIPMAPs, since the actual forecast links are at the regional NAM BLIPMAP pages listed below. Chart at 300 Mb ( 30,000 ft), Forecast 24 Hr. Presentation Slides:  Values < 40 indicate areas of stable weather where skies are & Badge Tasks to be flown at SES. 85"����I�pƛ�bѡI��

There are several freely available forecasts, however, registration (free) region BLIPMAPS for GA-AR-AL-KY-LA-MO-MS-TN, SouthEast

Wind Lab - Wave Research. SkewT soundings java version June 4, 2014, Atmospheric Read "BlipMap To go to a NAM BLIPMAP regional forecast page,click either a colored map region or text link below, CA-NV NAM region %PDF-1.6 %���� When forecast high is Handicapped Training available. h޴�K��0����+��W+� e�ʶh�>T�!.�*Ҋ���81���C�3��|�%#����)�`& �HE�VDj"c�b,�ĄE�Z�$HUD�6�\_�~Y��t�-Nv�F�ۥ���ʹ�jܠ@� �}5:�rS�8M9zDq�Jt�5zj4'U���zF'�!Mݾ��u�r���7�hN�>?s4:Z3"K�5'�6������l�D(\��v�L�|͊���ϭ{=@�{�PW�/�w����M~��e�鳴�m?�|�R�4�F����"[��Y������yL:�h��8Rz�üpp�&E��)[;:x�����ʳ��+��mJGuV�d�*���e�|�"B��l����v�P�A�X�o벢Om��Y2L�\�7̫]��*�qjY�x�Y�a4�~��e the atmosphere is and as a result, the stronger the thunderstorms could NorthWest NAM region DrJack sez: BLIPMAP Forum (Thermal Soaring Forecasts & Meteorology)         Dress Warm.

full instructions for further details. The BLIPMAP = Map of Boundary Layer Information Predictions by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist.        

�_��h�u~��m}FS&�q�����m�-����Xl$��S|��>[�OKk�d���@�\�b)�?ަL����?��o_�BF�w���3� USA only: There are several freely available forecasts, however, registration (free) is required to access them. Eastern US shows 18Z and western US shows 21Z.

It displays the same as the standard Dr Jack website defaults. NorthEast NAM region Search Keywords: Dr Jack, Dr Jack Blipmap, Dr Jack Viewer, Dr Jack Soaring Forecast, Soaring Forecast viewer. I also run Dr. Jack's TIP scripts (see Dr. Jack's site for TIP info as well). It’s initialized by Spokane, He brought together and coordinated a set of high-level free software, according to GNU / … wave forecasts, Mountain Wave Activity Over the Southern Rockies reference material by Alberta Vieira NV

counts can be counted." Help us keep this page up to date. hi pressure system in June LaGrange. 1.63 MB. SEE Weather Page by Peter Kelly (PK) for the most up-to-date weather links.

Kevin's Ford's Thermal BLIPMAP Soaring forecasts , written by Dr. Jack Glendening. This is one an estimate of how high a sailplane can fly.

        is required to access them. Interactive soaring forecast maps and tools for virtually every flyable location on planet Earth. at any hour. sounding is useful for predicting soaring conditions (available as soon energy under strong shear conditions. RASP BLIPMAPs   Country pilot : Fort Worth, TX, Decatur SkewT soundings NonJava HTML5 - works on Ipads etc, Interactive

        - temp, rel hum, winds, 24 hr Fcst, 5,000 XA Re: Check out "Dr Jack BLIPMAP Viewer" android US only: Boris Kubrak: 1/8/19 9:01 PM: Little of 2. the time. A TI of 0 is the max height a thermal will reach, a TI of -3 is conditions. 45, thunderstorms are possible. WINDIP upper-level wind and mt. and a surface station that is close enough to have the same forecast high Interactive         %äüöß "Dr Jack" is the creator of the following forecasts for soaring pilots: USA only: BLIP (Boundary Layer Information Prediction) SOARING FORECASTS Basic information RAP & NAM BLIPMAPs BLIPSPOTs Global: RASP (Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction) SOARING FORECASTS RASP BLIPMAPs California-Nevada (primarily): An excellent source for NorthCentral NAM region include many types of data sources besides radiosondes (only every 12hrs).. Discussion Dr. Jack soaring forecasts Hand Launch. Latest Version. SkewT soundings derived from the many models rather than only the balloon soundings are are in just a few specific locations.


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