Simon Le Bon’s piercing vocals imbue the song with invigorating urgency, elevating an otherwise nonsensical collage of fire and ice and fatal kisses to a new wave banger. The story centers on a New England couple with a high school senior daughter that decides to take in a foreign exchange student from the U.K. for the semester. It’s good to be creative, to have that outlet. When she ignores the rules of her student visa, however, their romance becomes a long-distance relationship, full of jealousy, waiting, despair, affairs, and possibly heartbreak. With this and your previous movies, was casting something that you were thinking about when you were writing? But the warning doesn’t take. Beneath its show of smoke and mirrors, mercenary babes, and treacherous holograms, Total Recall is a story about a man who must choose between two possible, contradictory realities. These explorations expand the meaning of their thematic subjects by injecting Bradley’s deeply intentional imagery into the conversation. By the mid-1990s, she was eager to shake off her bubblegum-pop image, collaborating with the likes of Nick Cave and Towa Tei, and taking more creative control with the experimental Impossible Princess. and Close Encounters of a Third Kind, about unseen spirits tormenting a suburban family. Context, history, and multiple dimensions are so intrinsic to that. Drake Doremus's Endings, Beginnings is a coming-of-age story of sorts. “The Living Daylights” never recovers, mostly because A-ha—best known for the unabashed romanticism of “Take on Me” and “Crying in the Rain”—are lovers, not fighters, while Bond is, of course, both. We want to hear from you! Edgar Ulmer’s melancholy film is a confrontation between two disturbed World War I veterans, one warped by an evil faith and the other a shattered ghost of a man driven by revenge, and the young couple that becomes entangled in their twisted game. Strip away the Art Deco glory of its towering cityscapes and factories and the synchronized movements of those who move through those environments and what’s even left?

Send us a tip using our annonymous form. Throughout Raw, director Julia Ducournau exhibits a clinical pitilessness that’s reminiscent of the body-horror films of David Cronenberg, often framing scenes in symmetrical tableaus that inform the various cruelties and couplings with an impersonality that’s ironically relieved by the grotesque intimacy of the violence. Meeting Doremus to chat about his new film Like Crazy, I couldn’t help but call the director “Mr.

I just learned a lot making Douchebag, which was kind of an experiment. It was a real testament to her to her trust. Are your choices made to invoke a certain mood? It really kind of gets me out of bed in the morning. That’s interesting because, I don’t know if you saw Cloud Atlas by Tom Tykwer, the Wachowskis said that they’ll never make another movie again without making the score beforehand. As Greg Kot of Guitar World once quipped, “the [Smashing] Pumpkins remain an island unto themselves.” That was in 2001, when the band had spent a decade carving out an impressive art-rock niche, and long after a shortsighted music press had once smacked them with unenviable and laughably off-base label of “the next Nirvana.” But even to this day, the two bands are often clumped together as vanguards of the scathing, grungy brand of alternative rock that defined the early ‘90s.


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