Thank you very much and Best regards, From the other side, for SuccessFactors – S4/HANA Cloud case it adds an additional cloud persistence layer for employee data.

SuccessFactors Employee Central provides an option to manage key HR operations and contains HR master data like employee name, identification, user name, etc.. It acts as the master data broker between your core HR system of record – for example, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – and SAP S/4HANA. The below diagram shows an architectural example of using MDI with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central as the core HR system, SAP S/4HANA as a consumer system and provider of Cost Center data, and an identity service as a consumer system.

Although data does persist in multiple states, EC is still the master and data can be replicated to MDI periodically so that it maintains an updated set of data. SAP HCM HR master data with SAP FIORI interface. It is based on a Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach. This employee database Excel sheet can … Thanks Ralitsa. Process-wise, MDI can be visualized as per the below diagram: MDI leverages a concept called One Domain Model. Great article as always. Thanks for sharing detailed info about oneMDI. Just to ask,Is there any Fiori app or there any way to monitor the data in SCP-MDI level. No, there is not any dependency/pre-requisite. Is there someplace where I can find out more information and/or official documentation?

Sorry Timmy, I mentioned above “where it is then consumed by other systems”, but I can see how that might not be clear as to which “type” of systems. SAP SuccessFactors allows you to make master data available to your employees so that they can view and analyze it. To access the tab, choose Human Resources Employee Master Data Finance. SAP SuccessFactors allows you to make master data available to your employees so that they can view and analyze it. Bank ; Specify the bank where the employee has an account. Thanks Freddy. In addition to the employee master data, the MDI service also manages the distribution of cost center objects from the finance system into other systems. The identity service in return takes care of user provisioning and authentication in both Employee Central and S/4HANA Cloud. In this scenario, Employee Central provides employee (“worker” in MDI terminology) data to MDI, which is then consumed by S/4HANA Cloud and by the identity management system. MDI serves a different purpose than SAP Cloud BW. employees and cost centers) between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Master data represents "data about the business entities that provide context for business transactions". There is official documentation for SAP SuccessFactors integration here: Get the total amount in Infotype 8 basic pay details. I agree that this employee data hub is beneficial in case of on-premise or 3rd party Core HR, especially in heterogeneous landscapes. In a general scenario, when you have ICF configured you can expose SAP system business objects and jobs via BAPI.

I can definitely see the value of this tool, especially for the integration scenario I am currently working on.

MS Word; Pages; Size: A4, US. Because of this, a provider system can also be a consumer system, and vice-versa. You can also refer to below link for creating and exposing BAPI as Web Service:, Connecting system with SAP system using a Web Service, Attach data from SAP system using Oracle Web Logic and Oracle Enterprise Service Bus, Exposing xsjs file data through web browser in SAP HANA, Using SAP Web Service from SAP by PHP with parameters, Using SAP Gateway service in SAP Web project, Extract data from SAP system using ERPConnect, Calling SAP Web Service to get data in Flash dashboard, Invoke a Web service from AJAX in SAP application, Creating a table in SAP system using OData service, Consuming Web Service in C# application (SAP), Integrating JSession in a Web-Service in SAP, Read Payroll cluster Results data for an employee, Get the latest record sequence number in a cluster directory internal table, Import the payroll results generated in a given In-period. Master data management ("MDM") is a technology-enabled discipline in which business and Information Technology ("IT") work together to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of the enterprise's official shared master data assets. You also have the option of selecting which data … We are currently using EC as our data hub and connect/integrate other systems directly using CPI. Select any of the function module and click on Display. Convert Foreign currency to Local currency amount. S/4HANA Cloud provides roles to the identity management system and provides cost centers to MDI for Employee Central to consume. Further pre-packaged integrations will be planned in future. Thank you for this. This website uses cookies for analysis. thanks for sharing! MDI is an integration mechanism for replication of a subset of the workforce master data to downstream systems.

By using this website, you agree to the use. Finance Tab Fields. The most commonly found categories of master data are Parties (individuals and organisations, and their roles, such as customers, suppliers, employees), Products, Financial Structures (such as ledgers and cost centres) and Locational Concepts. On SAP help portal, however, documentation on the topic of MDI is only available for S4HANA cloud. Integrating your end-to-end processes across systems has always been challenging, no matter what systems are being integrated. Being able to access data at all times, employees and especially managers can thus make better decisions.

MDI is a cornerstone of SAP’s new integration strategy for master data. The one-data-model approach can ensure that both these systems easily get the data they need to operate their people-related processes. It is any system that can consume data from the MDI via the APIs, no matter if it is cloud or on-premise. Integrating HR Master Data management with SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS) allows you to delegate various HR administration tasks, such as address changes, directly to your employees, unburdening your HR department. Basically, records need to be maintained of the starting date of employment contract, the end date or contract end date, the provisions of the employment agreement, details of overtime, leave accruals, contributions made and superannuation fund details. For our client, we are integrating SF EC wtih S4HANA on-premise. A comprehensive format for maintaining employee data. At the time of writing (Q2 2020), there are out-of-the-box integrations available for MDI for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Employee Time Record Template in Word, Pages for Mac.

Thanks Luke, very interesting. Employee Costs; Specify an employee’s actual costs, for example, salary, company car and meals, and select the relevant payment basis. As I understand, it is going to replace the other solution I have cited.


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