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70.000000 QqnA1FdlUP8A4i8jzXk1+fIerLfr6WotcHSljleQx+vUS8lrIv1lldS25LLvXdVPLj807RLTUbiD Grammaire pour l'examen DELF A1. 10.000000 BxVdiqG1SOSTTLuOO5+pSPDIqXm37klCBLuQPg+11xVjqab5ll0/SY9O8yQ+olvD6936QuPrMaSx La quantité indeterminée (du, de la, des)28. cGC3kgja3cxiCTiEVQK3ijoCK77DZVHr+bXkRrd5lv3LRwNdPD6E4cRpCtw+xQAssbqSK96dcVU5 You ZvQ/QcVyHrH/AL0lCv1WtHryNPrWx478Om+Ko7SpPzNa+jGqw6Olj6o9VrZ7lpfRo/2eYA51Cddq I want to learn French. 0.000000 RP8AhHrF/wAJIJvaiOiYnzL50OnpOvlVxeCQiWyN3Cf3RidkZZtl5eooVlptWu4yPDG+bjfktNx1 C=40 M=70 Y=100 K=50 To your keyboards! PROCESS M0JRCftbxlq7fDQ032VZJiqndGMW0xkjMsYRucSrzLLTdQv7VfDFWCX+peXI9L8vXF15Rnkt5rY3

100.000000 45.000000 The following paragraphs will give precise tips for different kind of French beginners. 95.000000 sYA085VS1016SFL8a+u5YGlQNhttiqFuPyS/Lm4ilil0+Vkmi9BwLq5X93zjk4jjIKDnCp2/jiqL How to get started?Where is French spoken? Anatole France dit que : « La langue française est une femme. Asking questions. Fun is good. 0.000000 PROCESS

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T8qPIyfXiLKSuogrdk3FwxZTLHNxFXPFVeBKAdN/E1VUrj8nfIFxcQ3E1jK88Fv9UjkNzcV9L4tj lu4tNTuZrOylaMS3NsheVPjFClEkKH/LAqvUEUriqRXOh6DPpOg+n5kutPjs7OlheBooHkiuVWCF So… what kind of beginner French student are you? Y0je7kZmvzFJHNHAsjKAePHi0S0IAFTTbliqvp9j+QE+nrPbWsxjgvkt35SXgkS5A9GNmJkqylbo 10.000000 JMZ9b1DVPrCwRc9TuBLxZCUBT4UCtKXAanUgYqnysrV4kGhINN9x1GKt4q7FXYq7FVC9sbO9g9C7 Bonjour de France provides worksheets covering grammatical functions, exercises adapted to your level, all of which are online and easily accessible. nuOuKsT1HUPJE17KL38vry9nXiZbhNKjmidqGYcHfgzfFM27KNycVV4NT8mahC4k8iX4jsXRkS40 Common verbs: be, have, do, to be called, 7. Millimeters GAvUllHcYq3Z+c/KV7DBPZ6xZ3EVyypC0UyNVnjeVVND8JKRO1D4HFXTedPKMLWyy6xZr9cKrbMZ Zr7GUsAIqyhtb/Ke11GGCKDV7u0CGKOYqQxa3jgjgMS04cOXoh67jkSeOSx60x5xB/Xdonp76lVs What means of transportation will you chose this time? 90.000000 WKwW6LBCst7G8gCAKFZpXMhYAivI18cVTu0u7W8torq0mjuLWdQ8M8TB43RtwyspIIPiMVVcVdir yIYVu5fV9KkUcIjjZt6OyczUkl2Y9TiqbPPCkkcTyKsktREhIDNxFTxB60GKrfrdrQn1kooct8Q2 OkN6azXpvbeR1Z1DO4VaErGaqRxqeoPbFWaiKIcaIo47LQDb5ffirlhhU1VFU+IAB6U/Viqnc2Nl ZZlUrv0pUEVG2Kq8/l/zhJfTKfOfp3TNC9tbpbQqI41gmRgYuR5+pMwkqf8AffHpXFVKfQPzDEdv

0+PzhJSktMTU5PRldYWVpbXF1eX1RlZmdoaWprbG1ub2R1dnd4eXp7fH1+f3OEhYaHiImKi4yNjo 75.000000 0.000000 In order to learn French you must take the first step, open your third eye, and let yourself be guided by your sixth sense... Easy, right? APUVTX03RjttyHetFU9xVJfON1olp5fmutaSR9Phlt3f0eXMSLcRmFl4FWHGXia1xViutX/5a3nl Lawless French for Beginners, A1 - Beginning French • accents • spelling, A1 - Beginning French • adjectives • agreement • lesson plans • word order, A1 - Beginning French • tenses moods voices, A1 - Beginning French • agreement • articles • nouns, A1 | A2 | B1 | B2 | C1    Find your level. The theory is always complicated but using them is easy! 5.000000 l8W8xrcOVM1vdHX2b11Bt0TjcAsQAQiSA/B0BBHUYqkaeVvyTnSSZ762CaglnK0Ut8YTS3IaAiMv SABu2Ktx+ZPzACT3E3kJGnhYizEd/b8mja2M32mQFT68KRNUDcqwqFxVUPmzzfFrgt7zylI+lNdz CMYK And that’s great! G42xVPEdHRXRgyMAVYGoIPQg4q3irsVU7n0/q0vqFhHwbmU5cgKb8ePxV8Kb4qw6ew8tz6bpD2Pm

85.000000 C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=50 PROCESS sVYvq9zZprmoLL5ea9kj0l5fr4iD/WFq4NjXid3APw138OlVWKWes+Saax6P5dajAFSL67/uKhjN 100.000000 oPlzRfL1pLa6XD9Wt5pTPIpd3rIyqharljuEH079TiqaAgioNR4jFXYq7FXYqwZvyqtFiSK21e9t PROCESS 3QvDbmF6oZejOfUC1oGA2OCOqiJA8Owv7/wEyxEjmhn/AC781G4hePzheJFHz9WP978ZLyMh2mAU

C=0 M=50 Y=100 K=0 t/ywjg1j9LDzHrTXPptFxe65JwaF4TsV3NWWTf8AbRSKd1UHZ/lvY6LayF/OOtJDaqks7T36rHHF PROCESS 0.000000 CMYK This workshop aims to answer yous questions concerning teaching french to young student between 5 and 10 years old. MWp+sXHFRDbpaoOHqcSBDCooR79STiqaeW/KejeXIJbfSo3jhlbkUd2k4/Ez0UsSacnZtz3xVOMV 40.000000 0.000000 9vKkoXmodalC1KqwI9sVReKuxV2KuxV2KuxVjutT6eupXiTaJJfTR6ZLIbj0OaTRksGslcqQWfju However, if you are not learning French to pass exams, communicating simple orders, being polite, talking about yourself, your family, your hobbies – and doing it with a decent accent – should be more important than spending hours drilling over your French verb tenses….

0.000000 XFVTTfL/AOYUOo2c995rju7KJ63dmunwx+snBhxEgbkh5MpqPDFWW4q7FXYq7FVsrIsTs7+miqS0 uuid:26c03ff6-037a-46ac-87e7-61c55db27cb0 4.998800 You need to learn the “real” modern spoken French language: not slang, not “hood” French, but the way everybody speaks in a relaxed, casual environment.


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