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However, of this total there are only several hundred thousand current account holders, with the remaining clients merely using one of their other services, notably savings accounts. Provide ID, a French address and a French IBAN or an EU IBAN. Revolut is very innovation-focused, offering innovative services and allowing for the use of crypto-currency. Enter your search term and press enter to validate, Childcare options for children under school age, Exchanging a non-European driver’s license. They offer the benefit of charging very low bank fees, allowing you to save up to €250 per year. Want to subscribe to a French home contract? If a bank rejects your application to open an account, it must provide grounds for its decision. Another perk: the welcome bonuses, set to €80 on average and even up to €200 for some! We have compiled down below a list of banks in France which offer good offers and perks for non-French people.

Present in 75 countries, the BNP has over 30 million clients and is one of the major French banking establishments on the market. These banks are also very focused on customer service, more so than traditional banks. Because of this, online banks don't have as many structural costs to cover as traditional banks, so they make significant savings. You will get access to 2 types of accounts: the N26 current account and the N26 Black. Moreover, as explained above, the majority of these online banks are actually the property of conventional, network banking groups, meaning their risk of going bankrupt is near to null. The CIC (Crédit Industriel et Commercial) was born in 1859 on the initiative of Napoleon III, which makes it the oldest bank in France. Awarded the title of "cheapest bank" in France, Comes with a Welcome offer without income requirements. In France, you have the choice between traditional banks, online banks and digital banks. Boursorama's Welcome offer is another good option, as it is free to open, and has no income or minimum deposit requirements. Want to subscribe to a French offer or service? However, the services offered by the branch network are very limited, so you need to ensure you know what you want from your bank. Some of them will try your patience. Despite these differences, the Banque Populaire offers a wide variety of financial solutions and products, as well as offering credit repurchase. Indeed, in order to operate, French online banks need to obtain a certification granted by the ACPR, a French Prudential Control and Resolution Authority. This is the first thing to do! This online bank operates completely via an app, through which you can carry out and manage all your transactions. Our rubrics This bank provides a large range of financial products, of which investment in real estate. Some international banks, such as HSBC, operate in France and therefore have local branches. 04 With La Banque Postale. Bank staffs are not always english fluent. Our English-speaking Selectra advisors are available to help you to sign up Online banks are very often subsidiaries of a traditional French banking group, which is a reassuring factor for clients as this keeps them protected in regards to a potential solvency and the security of their accounts. We're here to help you find the answers and while you're at it, tell us how we could do better. It is thus no surprise that these banks are regularly awarded prizes for their support team's quality and availability. The online banking market emerged in France in the 2000s. With another product, Morning Jump, customers can put funds into their account and set their own deposit cap. Online banks have flourished on the French banking market over the past years. Thus, Boursorama is part of Societé Générale, BRED part of Banque Populaire, Filbanque part of CIC and Hello Bank part of BNP Paribas. Your file will be reviewed by an advisor within a few days, and if it meets the bank's requirements then you will be set up with a current account (you may have a one-time fee to pay in exchange), and you will receive your associated bank card by mail. Eligibility for French Bank Account. This card costs €5 upon opening the account, then €1 per month after that. The charges imposed by these banks are generally lower than those of the main retail banks, with many offering free banking. Our call-center is currently closed.

In addition, more than 80% of the French market is shared between Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas, BPCE and Société Générale. Note that you need to already have a French IBAN before opening an online account in France. Note that you have to first be a Boursorama customer, as a parent, to set your child up to this offer. If you have a bank account in one of the 33 countries in the SEPA area (the 28 EU Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Monaco), you can pay online, either from your personal account on the website, or using the online payment system.

Bear in mind that, out of all the traditional banks below, HSBC France is the only bank to offer its services in English, and will provide customer service in English - making it a great option for you if you aren't comfortable with communicating in French yet. See what we’re doing to make sure you can still access your everyday banking during the COVID-19 crisis. The bank right for you will be the one performing better on the criteria important to you, which we present below.

Online features and services offered by the bank and subsequent management fees.

Indeed, for instance, the BPCE has over 37,261 branches, equivalent to 5.49 branches per 1,000 inhabitants. Formerly known as Compte-Nickel, Nickel offers you a Mastercard payment card, a bank card and a French RIB. Boursorama Bank's Kador offer stands out. Our English-speaking Selectra advisors are available to help you to sign up HSBC is also present on the stock market with its HSBC Holdings shares. The answer is: it depends on your needs and your situation. You can check out this comprehensive guide of Comparison of French online banks, which goes into detail about all the banks and their services (in French). All its offers are straightforward, simple and customisable and you can make transaction via your phone and through SMS. If you are using the bank to deposit cash on a regular basis, then you are probably going to need a branch network. Indeed, some will require you to be a French resident, to already have a French IBAN, and some won't provide their services or customer service in English. Created in Hong Kong in 1865, today it has branches in 67 countries.

Comes with an affordable Visa Infinite card, High-income requirements: at least €1,200 per month, Renewing your bank card before it reaches expiration, Boursorama Bank: €1,000 per month minimum. A trio stands out for this user profile: Boursorama, Fortuneo and ING Direct. This card comes at a cost of €9.90 per month, with 5 free monthly withdrawals a 12-month contract. It not only is a bank for private individuals but also specialises in private financing and investments and also manages assets and title deeds in France. ING is the only significant on-line bank that is not the off-shoot of a traditional bank. As a guide, you may be asked to provide any of the following documents:

Here is all you need to know about online banks fees and tariffs induced by opening and holding a bank account. Last but not least, Qonto is a rising startup which specialises in online banking for small and medium-sized businesses in France. It offers an online current account with a Mastercard payment card. Below is a list of the major actors on the market. Want to subscribe to a French home contract? Accueil Thanks to this, they are able to offer their clients much lower rates and charges. >


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