Facilitated program development to advance organizational mission of HIV/AIDS service and prevention community-based non-profit organization with a $3.6 million budget.

Supervised NIH contracts that included 4 additional Project Directors and 3 Core Facilities, and discretionary accounts. Collaborated with Sr. Financial Analyst, Certified Coding Specialist, Investigators and Coordinators in budget development and implementation of payment schedule.

Coordinated all internal grant applications and worked with community partners on funding of regional health initiatives.

The outstanding Grants Manager should re-enforce relationships with donors, ensure that grant programs operate efficiently, streamline grant administration, and keep our organization fiscally sound. When these singularly-tasked professionals are forced to spend their time doing other things, it detracts from their primary goals. Supervised Staff Accountant to ensure accuracy of journal entries and proper accounting methods. Generated monthly general ledger reports for all state/federal/local grants to review with District Accountant. Contributed to the Division's annual budget process by providing financial forecasts.

Developed, implemented and recommended changes to policy, procedures, processes, strategic plan and assessment measures. Managed financial transactions for in country operations and ensured policies and procedures were met. Provided support to child and women's protection projects through KPC survey data analysis, reporting and project closeout obligations.

Managed grant proposal development by developing budgets and grant documents for timely submissions. Supervised grants closeout in accordance with the USAID regulations. Whichever is your situation, we hope that these video lessons will provide valuable information to help you manage the requirements of your Federal grant in “easy to digest” portions. Assisted division staff in budget preparation, grant proposals in compliance with the funding agencies policies and procedures.

efficiencies. Managed subcontract and prime grants on budget development and submission logistics. Supervised all implementing partners and NGO operators to ensure compliance with USAID rules and regulations, and with CHF internal procedures. Ensured mission of organization was implemented through work conducted within service area. We’ll start our overview of the grant process by looking at the term “grant.” A “grant” is a form of financial assistance that supports a public purpose. As a graduate of Grant Management Essentials you receive our Associate Alumni Membership for six months.

A grant is not technical assistance, which is a service, and doesn’t contain a financial assistance component.

Developed and presented PowerPoint presentations to gain buy-in from agencies. promotions, and salary adjustments. But some people who take a government job or work for a nonprofit eventually stumble into a grant manager role – and they end up loving it.

This video lesson starts with an overview of the grant process. Top Grant Manager Skills. personnel and purchasing to ensure compliance with budget. Prepared fiscal reports, financial statements, studies, surveys and program reviews. Supervised nutrition education for youth through schools and community partnerships.

Created supporting documentation in compliance with federal regulations for new agreements and grants.

Administered and managed budget of $3 Million, including overtime projections, payroll, timecards, etc. For example, 9.7% of Grant Manager resumes contained Financial Statements as a skill. Grants Management enables grant professionals to strengthen credibility and improve public trust through effective management and transparency.

Instead of being hung up on paperwork, the solution empowers your organization to focus on its broader mission and efficiently utilize grant funding. No pressure, just information! Provided guidance on cooperative agreements, inter-agency and intra-agency agreements and memoranda of understanding. Assisted in various grant proposals and provided RFP information including financial, budgetary and statistical data. Negotiated terms and conditions of contracts with government/state agencies, as well as commercial entities. Worked directly with Controller to ensure compliance, proper balancing of funds, and submit amendments as necessary. Co-led a strategic planning meeting, focusing on a strengths-based approach. Developed and managed of the ALDHS state-wide monitoring program.

Provided long term technical assistance in supporting the USAID/Democracy and Governance Iraqi Access to Justice Program. In 2012, nonprofits had an average of seven different contracts and/or grants per organizationi. Participated in staff committee to ensure compliance with all grants and awards, as well as internal policies. . Managed and maintained grants calendar for timely submission of reports and proposals.

Assisted Principal Investigators with the financial aspect of progress reports required by funding agencies. Reviewed grants expenditures accounts on a monthly basis, and advised Principal Investigators about necessary budget adjustments.

Submitted research related regulatory and annual reports, including IRB applications and updates, annual reports, and the like.

A grant is not a loan, loan guarantee, subsidy, or form of insurance. Researched grant opportunities for principal investigators and assisted with the preparation of grant proposals. Enhanced staff efficiency through team-building and more effective communication.

Now the Grant Management Begins!

Prepared and managed performance matrix for staff team and project's financial management activities that aligned with the Project's goals.

Improved program activities and attendance through data coaching and regular data analysis. In this two-day grant management workshop you’ll get the skills and know-how to keep your project on track, comply with grant regulations, and protect your organization from the administrative and legal chaos that results from poor grants management. Instituted internal controls to ensure that federal funds were disbursed in accordance with federal regulations. Implemented the National Incident Management System for the State of Alabama Processed new hires, promotions and management of payroll and ensuring compliance with university and sponsor financial rules and regulations.

The grant cycle starts each year with the US Congress passing laws which make Federal funds for grants and other types of spending available once the Federal budget is approved. Similarly, every grant professional’s job is to help their organization accomplish the work that their organization has set out to do – whether that is research or humanitarian effort. Duties for the Grants Manager will include managing overall grant efforts, documenting payments and expenditure, optimizing the grant administration process, overseeing fund-raising, preparing progress reports, ensuring compliance with grant regulations, reviewing grant proposals, managing grant databases, engaging with donor agencies, educating staff on policies, and preparing financial reports. Two of the nation's leading experts in the field, Henry Flood and Barbara Floersch created the curriculum for this training. Managed grants for the department, supervised three accountingClerk, managed bi-weekly and monthly payroll.

Here's how Principal Investigators is used in Grant Manager …

Processed accounts payable and posted journal entries.

Performed & independently managed federal audits (OMB Circulars, A133) and year end statutory audit schedules. Awarded $1M contract with the Department of Defense to support their PEPFAR programs to end HIV/AIDS. Below, we have highlighted our five favorites (and summarized the other four). Sometimes a grant recipient may need to extend the time period of the grant from one time period to the next.

Prepared RFP for independent contractors Conducted comprehensive implementation of community development infrastructure grants. Assisted faculty and staff with the grant development, proposal preparation, and submission process.

Grant professionals often work with multiple grants at a time, so they should look for a solution that centrally tracks financial data, risk assessments, regulations, and more.

Interacted closely with the USAID CTO and the Head of the

Produced grant requests, annual reports and quarterly newsletters. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________, ihttp://www.urban.org/sites/default/files/publication/24231/412962-Nonprofit-Government-Contracts-and-Grants-Findings-from-the-National-Survey.PDF Conducted site visits and reviewed/approved interim and final reports.


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