No unsolicited commercial email. If, John Durkan or others reading this petition, want to understand more about why we are not buying the meat in Coles, then you are welcome to join us at Boycott Halal in Australia here: Click 'Like' to join the BHiA pressure group Our Question to Coles CEO, John Durkan, is:  Why are Coles catering for the 2%+ Muslims and ignoring the wishes of the 97%+ Non Muslims in Australia? It'll all end in tiers! 'Standing up like animals': Australian Islamic preacher... Violence in a place of prayer: Muslim men throw punches and... Terrifying moment onlookers scream as helicopter crashes in Malaysia, UK commemorates Remembrance Sunday during national Covid-19 lockdown, Moment soldier is carried away after collapsing at The Cenotaph, Two women seen fighting in shocking street brawl, Guilty corgi stares at owner with shaky leg after wrongdoing, 'Lucky I was there!' Why are Coles not providing the Meat & Poultry that so many Customers want? Once you have the App, choose the search icon and search "halal" to join the causes related to halal.

Some Australian companies refuse to pay the extra costs associated with preparing separate halal products, including Queensland dairy company Maleny Dairies. COLES - Halal Certified Boxes of MEAT are unpacked and sold UNLABELLED as such. An Australian Version of the Golden Rule Poster - with Australian Aboriginal ethic - is available. January 20, 2019 by Admin.

We, the vast majority of shoppers and consumers in Australia, do not want this substandard Haram or the Halal Meat, because we are Not Followers of Islam and therefore do not require Halal products at all.

Australian supermarket Woolworths is tapping into the needs of its consumers with plans to meet demand for Halal food products in certain parts of Sydney. Coles Supermarket has been deceptively selling us UNLABELLED Ritually Slaughtered meat, that arrives in Delivery Boxes clearly displaying the Halal Sign of different Halal Authorities eg. Religions for Peace Australia is a global, community-based organisation working for global peace across the world and for social cohesion in Australia in other countries, and for peace and co-operation between the religions of the world. Halal Certificate: Barcode Number: Available at: Coles Woolworths IGA Tags: Halal potato chips , halal certified, halal grocery, halal product[…] Read more.

Click 'Like' to join the BHiA pressure group, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Some Australian companies refuse to …

'The person is anonymous, and location at this point also. Coles sells a range of Australian beef, chicken and lamb which are prepared to Islamic halal specifications. Religions for Peace Australia has affiliates and branches in all states of Australia. Coles sells a range of Australian beef, chicken and lamb which are prepared to Islamic halal specifications. Another person said: 'There is nothing patriotic about disrespecting Muslim Australians in such a vulgar, ignorant manner.'.


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