The NSA is moving away from Elliptic Curve Cryptography, and cryptographers aren’t buying their reasoning that advances in post quantum computing put ECC in jeopardy. A set of cryptographic algorithms promulgated by the National Security Agency as a replacement for NSA Suite B Cryptography until post-quantum cryptography standards are promulgated. Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights. Until this new suite is developed and products are available implementing the quantum resistant suite, we will rely on current algorithms.

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Practical quantum computation doesn't mean the end of cryptography. In some cases, the algorithm speedups are extraordinary.

It is also completely different from the NSA's QUANTUM program, which is its code name for a packet-injection system that works directly in the Internet backbone.). And the authors of the memo hope that within the next decade, the agency will have at its disposal a number of options for “quantum resistant cryptography,” or “algorithms that are resistant to cryptographic attacks from both classical and quantum computers.”. Lattice-based cryptography derives its security from the related problems of finding a short vector in a lattice or finding a lattice vector that is close to a target vector not in the lattice.

Unlike most personal and corporate applications, the NSA routinely deals with information it wants kept secret for decades. In some cases, the algorithm speedups are extraordinary. And quantum computation only speeds up a brute-force keysearch by a factor of a square root, so any symmetric algorithm can be made secure against a quantum computer by doubling the key length. Does this mean that the agency is close to a working prototype in their own classified labs? Read about these limitations in our complete QKD and QC guidance.

A variety of factors—including confidence in security and performance, interoperability, systems engineering, budgeting, procurement, and other requirements—could affect such decisions. To access: Get File: CNSA Suite and Quantum Computing FAQ Abstract: This document provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite, Quantum Computing and CNSS Advisory Memorandum 02-15.

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NSA CSD expects that the stateful signatures LMS and XMSS will be standardized by NIST in NIST SP 800-208 and approved for NSS solutions for certain niche applications where maintaining state is not a problem.

The beauty of a quantum computer, especially when it comes to breaking encryption algorithms, is that by utilizing so-called “qubits,” or “quantum bits,” it’s capable of performing immense computations, and far swifter than today’s fastest supercomputers. Considering all of these sources, it is clear that the effort to develop quantum-resistant technologies is intensifying. Quantum computing is a novel way to build computers -- one that takes advantage of the quantum properties of particles to perform operations on data in a very different way than traditional computers.

At the present time, NSA CSD does not anticipate the need to approve other post-quantum cryptographic technologies for NSS usage, but recognizes circumstances could change going forward.

What is This Quantum-Inspired Stuff All About. It's all part of the NSA's Cryptographic Modernization Program. POST-QUANTUM CRYPTOGRAPHY (PQC) • Cryptosystems which run on classical computers, and are considered to be resistant to quantum attacks • Also known as “quantum -safe” or “quantum -resistant” • PQC needs time to be ready • Efficiency • Confidence – cryptanalysis • Standardization • …

It explicitly talked about the threat of quantum computers: IAD will initiate a transition to quantum resistant algorithms in the not too distant future. The NSA is worried enough about advances in the technology to start transitioning away from algorithms that are vulnerable to a quantum computer. And this knowledge has undoubtedly caused the number of Prilosec prescriptions at the NSA to skyrocket. My guess has been that we'll see a practical quantum computer within 30 to 40 years, but not much sooner than that. NSA Plans for a Post-Quantum World. Still, the NSA feels it’s best to be prepared, and plan ahead for any contingency that might arise. Quantum resistant suite. There are lesser-known public-key algorithms such as McEliece and lattice-based algorithms that, while less efficient than the ones we use, are currently secure against a quantum computer. The only thing quantum computation and quantum cryptography have to do with each other is their first words. We agree with the NIST assessment, documented in NISTIR 8309: Status Report on the Second Round of the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process, that these are among the most efficient post-quantum designs. They're being used to protect US secrets: "Suite A will be used in applications where Suite B may not be appropriate. NSA’s Cybersecurity Perspective on Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithms Lattice-based cryptography: Lattice-based cryptography derives its security from the related problems of finding a short vector in a lattice or finding a lattice vector that is close to a target vector not in the lattice. And when the NSA is worried about something, we should all be worried.

Quantum cryptography uses the same physics principles and similar technology to communicate over a dedicated communications link. Both Suite A and Suite B can be used to protect foreign releasable information, US-Only information, and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).". Sharing this analysis publicly represents one aspect of NSA’s efforts to be more transparent in the way we secure NSS.

Earlier this week, the NSA's Information Assurance Directorate updated its list of Suite B cryptographic algorithms.

Practical quantum computation doesn't mean the end of cryptography. Lattice-based cryptography derives its security from the related problems of finding a short vector in a lattice or finding a lattice vector that is close to a target vector not in the lattice.

NSA’s Cybersecurity Perspective on Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithms In response to requests from our National Security Systems (NSS) partners, the NSA Cybersecurity Directorate (CSD) has been asked to share its view on the remaining algorithms in the NIST post-quantum standardization effort, which can be found below.

He is the New York Times best-selling author of 14 books — including ”Click Here to Kill Everybody”—as well as hundreds of articles, essays and academic papers. We thank NIST for all their efforts to help advance the adoption and deployment of secure post-quantum cryptography, which are vital to the defense of our nation. (That computation also accidentally "factored much larger numbers such as 3599, 11663, and 56153, without the awareness of the authors of that work," which shows how weird this all is.) Traditionally, NSA algorithms were classified and could only be used in specially built hardware modules. Based on experience in deploying Suite B, we have determined to start planning and communicating early about the upcoming transition to quantum resistant algorithms. However, the stateful versions have a limited number of allowable signatures per public key and require the signer to maintain an internal state. In some cases, the algorithm speedups are extraordinary.

This is not to say that Suite B algorithms are second class, or breakable by the NSA. NIST is doing its part, having hosted a conference on the topic earlier this year.

Based on their history of analysis and implementation efforts, NSA CSD expects that a NIST-candidate lattice-based signature and a NIST-candidate lattice-based key encapsulation mechanism will be approved for NSS.

For more information, you can read NSA’s PQC guidance statement here as well as NIST’s third round candidate announcement here. It's not a lot of money, and few believe that the NSA has made any real advances in theoretical or applied physics in this area. Published by the Lawfare Institute in Cooperation With, Lawfare Resources for Teachers and Students, Documents Related to the Mueller Investigation, Litigation Documents & Resources Related to the Travel Ban (Inactive), Litigation Documents & Resources Related to Trump Executive Order on Family Separations (Inactive), Litigation Documents Related to the Appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General (Inactive), #RealNews on Trump et L'Affaire Russe: A Resource Page (Inactive).


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