Please fill in the form below and we will call you as soon as possible. Send an email to or call directly +41 22 786 88 66. 337 CO). Case law tends to be strict and only recognizes such a “good cause” in case of important breaches of the parties’ duties. PERMANENT CONTRACT. Resigning from a role. If an employee continues working past the end of a contract without it being formally renewed, there’s an ‘implied agreement’ by the employer that …

And what rules apply to employees who intend to terminate their employment?

The termination should be communicated by writing, for reasons of evidence. Also, an abusive termination can derive either from insufficient justification or from the way the terminating party actually terminates the working relationship (TF 4A_92/2017, §2.2.1., June 26th 2017). Either an employee or employer can decide to terminate a contract of employment. A compensation for supplementary damages may also be imposed to the employee. Legal proceedings have to be brought to court within 180 days from the end of the working relationship. • 3 months from 10 years of service. Send an email to or call directly +41 22 786 88 66. The party who abusively terminates the employment contract is bound to pay an indemnity to the other party. W. hat you need to know : There are various conditions under which an employment contract can be terminated, either by the employee or by the employer, and specific rules are applicable to each situation. If not “worthy of protection”, an invoked reason can constitute an abuse of rights. In the employment contract or collective agreement a different period of notice can be agreed upon. Good cause is also deemed to exist when a less severe breach is repeated several times by the employee despite a warning (ATF 130 III 28, §4.1., October 21st 2003). Postbus 87400 If a good cause is brought by the terminating party, the termination is deemed justified and therefore valid. NB: the list isn’t exhaustive. For more specific advice, do not hesitate to contact us. ��) i�d-;�+�& F-����;r`����k{�!d�Đ�=��K���`/��l"�+�BhX�9A���AQ{C�c #�� @xPa���I`��޿M6��ݧjG���lt��QD��|p9���|u׽,z��!N�(�>K�T�C5n��jSgPc��� R����\�웺��U�1t���ms��� x4�#�Z���?v�m�� ��MS�~�����h�BXC���? • during pregnancy and during the 16 weeks following the childbirth; In the case of the terminating party being the employer, the termination is still considered as valid even though no good cause has been argued. The law forbids the employer to terminate the working relationship during the following periods of time: • compulsory military or civil defense service (and during a period of four weeks before the beginning and after the end of the service); As an employer, you can only terminate a permanent employment contract provided that (1) there is a reasonable ground and (2) the employee’s suitable reassignment  is not possible or not reasonable. This condition is fulfilled as soon as it can’t reasonably be required from the terminating party to maintain the employment relationship. h��1�0E�� �q��"n@�Tܿ�!�R���'[��dK. Contracts concluded for an undefined period of time can be terminated by both parties at any time and for any reason. Jan is Head of our Embassy Desk, that serves Embassies, Consulates, diplomats and expats. @: t: +31 20 301 55 55. Those type of contracts might also be renewed several times; this practice is generally called a “chain of contracts“. In other words, a fixed-term contract can be terminated before the expiration of the term; a permanent contract can be terminated regardless of whether a mandatory notice would apply in case of an ordinary termination. endstream endobj 233 0 obj <>stream You can also read what others say about our law firm. Termination of permanent . with immediate effects) by both parties. Termination of an employment contract. During this period, the contract can be terminated freely by either the employer or the employee. In case of termination by the employer the statutory notice period depends on the length of employment, as shown in the table below. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly. The salary obtained by the employee through another occupation can be deducted from the overall amount. For the termination of the employment contract, employees do not need to request permission from UWV or submit a request for the contract to be dissolved to the subdistrict court; they can simply resign without giving reasons. Do you have special inquiries or questions ? In case the terminating party is the employee, the unjustified termination is also considered as valid but the employer is entitled to an indemnity. If by having recourse to this practice, the employer’s main intention is to circumvent mandatory and highly protecting rules governing the termination of permanent contracts, the lawfulness of the contract can be challenged, based on the principle of abuse of rights. �ِ�M���;��d�!m�z���dɥ'G^)Ҟ���@AAO(G:�OF��HV�"�F80PUo-�ä����x�F�k'&���,��0���g��* 7N�*��'�.X�a�t�, )' NB: After the trial period, notice periods can be reduced to less than a month. This shall be done before the end of the notice period. Lawyers at Russell Advocaten regularly publish information about recent legal developments for clients and colleagues. A reasonable ground is deemed to exist in case of the following: The employer can terminate the employment contract with the employee in different ways, such as: If the employment contract lasted at least two years, in dismissal cases the employer – with some exceptions - must pay transitional compensation to the employee. h޼W�n�@��}�"vwv�"E��8V��)u��UpL�G���@� Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the following periods of notice apply: • 1 month during the first year of service; No special notice period has to be observed unless otherwise agreed by the parties. The employer can’t give any and every reason when it comes to terminating a contract. This employment contract has been designed to be used by full time or part-time employees, whether permanent or fixed term. If the other party requests a written motivation, the terminating party has to give her/him one. hެW�n7���c�$����ndC�[Ru� • full-or-part-time inability to work due to non-faulty illness or accident (for 30 days during the 1st year of service, 90 days from the second to the 5th one, for 180 days from the 6th year of service); For instance, the employer’s insolvency can constitute such a good cause for the employee to terminate the contract. The employee must . hތ��j�0�_��0���Ӌ��tm��H���ٝ�E���|�0�p�*�e�@�k�M[w�a�Co�뛥�n�����R* ������� The amount of the latter can be up to one quarter of one month’s salary of the employee. Antonio Vivaldistraat 6 The party who wants to ask for such an indemnity has to oppose the termination by writing to the other party. Below you can find a list of our newsletters, books, and articles for clients and business acquaintances. As an employer, you can only terminate a permanent employment contract provided that (1) there is a reasonable ground and (2) the employee’s suitable reassignment is not possible or not reasonable. The only condition is to observe a notice period of 7 days. A reasonable ground is deemed to exist in case of the following: Economic reasons. What does he have to take into account? If the opposition is valid and if parties can’t find any solution in order to keep the working relationship intact, the suffering party can ask for the said indemnity. Employees may terminate their contract by resigning and an employer may terminate the contract by dismissing an employee. In Switzerland, the principle of freedom of termination governs the employment contract field. This can only be done through collective employment contract and only with regards to the first year of service. As a consequence of the annulment the termination is considered never to have taken place. He has been a lawyer at Russell since 1995, and became a partner in 2011. However, a notice period has to be observed, the length of which depending on how long the working relationship lasted. The amount may be up to the employee’s salary for six months. Send an email to or call directly +41 22 786 88 66.


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