window.BOOMR.snippetStart = new Date().getTime(); var script = doc.createElement("script"); "string" == typeof money && (money = money.replace(". Before, the main reason I looked forward to alcohol was because sugary cocktails tasted delicious!! iframeLoader(true); She received her bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from Boston..., In order to save this article, you will need to. var start = url2.indexOf("subid"), ); 'page', My acne didn’t disappear overnight, or even after a few weeks. ", ","); transparentAdsCookieTitle = "subid2=" It became consistent, and has stayed that way for the better part of two years.

It seems that my body is no longer used to processing such a huge amount of sugar at the same time. I weighed more than that in high school. Since 2008, creating joyful, vibrant imagery for modern mamas has been right up my alley! parent.appendChild(script);

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But the only thing worse than a life without coffee is a life with debilitating nausea. "":(e+"").replace(T,"")},makeArray:function(e,t){var n=t||[];return null!=e&&(C(Object(e))?w.merge(n,"string"==typeof e? type: 'text/plain' } // sendBeacon was not successful } Now, although I do have a dip in energy after I've eaten, it's not by much and I still feel like I can power through the things I have to do. LittledataLayer.ecommerce.impressions.push({

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Favorite snacks like Chobani yogurt and granola bars contained about 15 grams of sugar, which is Fed Up’s recommended DAILY intake. var pos = 1; brand: p.vendor,

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