Modern researchers have been busy contributing to the body of knowledge around followership, and as more people engage in the literature, a clearer picture of effective followership is emerging. So who gets the votes? Visit her website for more information at, Article Source: The role of followers is not to be mindlessly implementing the ideas of leaders. It all trickles down until eventually the resource is tapped out, and there’s nothing left. Passive and 2) Independent vs. All of these are roles and others allow the follower to actively contribute to the success and effectiveness of the leader., Business: Management As a follower you’re always relying on someone else with whatever you may be striving to do. For this purpose, we tracked recruits’ self-identification as leaders and followers across the course of a physically arduous 32-week infantry training that prepared them for warfare in a range of extreme environments. followers, are carrying the load of leadership in their organization. Not only will this then undermine the leader’s capacity to lead but, more importantly, it will also stifle followers’ willingness to follow. The truth is leaders and followers are not separate entities; instead, they come together to form a dynamic relationship. The leader and follower structure indicates that leaders need followers and followers need leaders. There is no shortage of advice for those who aspire to be effective leaders. Evaluators who are situated within the group, and able to personally experience the capacity of group members to influence one another, appear to recognize the leadership of those who see themselves as followers. The simple reason for this is that, as Warren Bennis has observed, leaders are only ever as effective as their ability to engage followers. 5 Articles, By

She works closely with organizations to examine the role of psychological factors in organizational functioning. Developing In line with the analysis that we present above, we found that recruits who considered themselves to be natural leaders were not able to convince their peers that this was the case. They exhibit self-discipline and control in stressful situations.

2) Leaders Don’t Rely on Others, Followers do. We expect our leaders to provide motivation, direction, and influence. A sign of poor leadership is blaming followers for not having skills they do not have. Angela Chammas  |   Without followership, leadership is nothing.

Kim Peters is senior lecturer in organizational psychology at the University of Queensland. Just as there are different types of leaders, there are also different types of followers. They will assist others when necessary, they will put others first, and they will recognize teammates when that affirmation is due. |   Followers today seek inclusion in organizational leadership by exhibiting strong and impressive leadership qualities that positively impacts others in the organization.

As such, they exhibit leadership in their actions and behaviors that impact other team players while providing the motivation that improves everyone’s performance. In This latter pattern tells us a lot about the dynamics of leadership selection and helps to explain why the people who are chosen as leaders by independent selection panels often fail to deliver when they are in the thick of the group that they actually need to lead. That's why the statement, "there is no leader in the absence of followers" emphasizes the importance of the role of the follower.

All rights reserved. In contrast, those who stand outside the group appear to be most attuned to a candidate’s correspondence to generic ideas of what a leader should look like. Leadership qualities and traits can be developed by anyone.

Leadership is a process that emerges from a relationship between leaders and followers. His research focuses on the study of group and identity processes in social, organizational and clinical contexts. They seek out those requirements and complete them as part of their own performance, without completing the tasks of others in an egotistic manner. To my way of thinking, leaders exist at every level in every organization, exhibiting several, if not all, of the leadership qualities identified above. A longitudinal study of 218 Royal Marines recruits completing an arduous 32 week training course suggests that may be the case: the Marines who saw themselves as followers, and were simply focused on getting the work done, were more likely to be recognized as leaders by both peers and commanders. Enthusiasm is contagious, providing motivation in others. But there’s a caveat: Marines who saw themselves as leaders were seen by commanders (but not by peers) as having more leadership potential.

Personal Chapter 7 1. People will be more effective leaders when their behaviors indicate that they are one of us, that they share our values, concerns and experiences, and are working for us. Role of a follower. People will be more effective leaders when their behaviors indicate that they are one of us, because they share our values, concerns and experiences, and are doing it for us, by looking to advance the interests of the group rather than own personal interests. They are proactive in guiding and teaching team members. © 2020 EzineArticlesAll Rights Reserved Worldwide, Are You Getting the Most and Paying the Least, COVID-19 Offers Surprising Opportunities for Successful Projects, Today's Leaders: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man. Overcoming Resistance to Corporate Culture Changes.

What is not seen is the often vitally important leadership of followers as they complete the daily tasks they are assigned to meet organizational visions, mission and goals. Therefore, it's important to realize that, as a powerful and great follower, individuals have a great opportunity to directly create a profound effect on leadership success. Gone are the days when followers were just reactive, submissive, or passive to the leaders, explains Ira Chaleff in his book The Courageous Follower. Leader-Followers thirst for improvement and learning everything they need for their current job and for chances for promotion to increased positions of responsibility. Together with over 200 co-authors around the world, Alex has written and edited 12 books and published over 200 peer-reviewed articles on these topics. Followers have enormous value to an organization as collaborators with leaders in achieving organizational success. Are there leader-followers in your organization? Submitted On March 27, 2010. Leaders as Followers. According to Kelley, the five (5) are: And that is the best way to get followers to fall out of love with the leader. Good followership is characterized by active participation in the pursuit of organizational goals.

It takes both the leader and the follower working together in a dynamic relationship, each one clearly executing on the critical role they have in the relationship, to accomplish effective leadership. More specifically, we examined whether the capacity for recruits to be seen as displaying leadership by their peers was associated with their tendency to see themselves as natural leaders (with the skills and abilities to lead) or as followers (who were more concerned with getting things done than getting their own way). Organizational leaders need to be aware of not only the accomplishments of their followers, but also to their daily work ethics and habits as they provide leadership to others at their level on the team. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Neither of these roles operates in a … Basic Author

The login page will open in a new tab. By the time a leader’s crazy number of followers have tried this new method, the benefits will be minimal. In other words, leaders not only provide support to those that follow them but followers in return are needed to support the leader in their quest to achieve success.


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