This course examines supply chain information systems in the context of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with applications in the manufacturing, retailing and distribution services sectors. Maintenir vos projets de déploiement et vos systèmes SAP. CGM2 510 Project Management: Tools and Techniques. Once your McGill Method Certified member fees are paid, your contact information will be included in the McGill Method Certified database, posted on and available to the general public searching for referrals certified McGill Method practitioners. Submit your Accreditation/Certification application form and supporting materials via email:, Activity Accreditation/Certification - Documentation, The McGill CPD Accreditation/Certification Planning Process, QUICK TIPS - SCIENTIFIC PLANNING COMMITTEE (SPC), Strategies for Managing/Mitigating Identified Conflicts of Interest (Examples), Guideline - McGill CPD - Accreditation/Certification Step-by-Step, Guideline - McGill CPD - Section 3 - Accreditation Process, CPD General Accreditation/Certification - Application Form, ACCORDING TO TYPE OF CREDIT(S) CATEGORY REQUESTED, RCPSC MOC Section 1 - Accreditation Application Form, RCPSC MOC Section 3 - Simulation Activity - Accreditation Application Form, RCPSC MOC Section 3 - Self-Assessment Program (SAP) - Accreditation Application Form, CFPC Mainpro+ Certification Application Form, Instructions - CPD Accreditation/Certification, Checklist - CPD Accreditation/Certification, Activity Resource Person List - Completed COI Forms Submitted, Financial Support Competing Interest Form, DECLARATION OF POTENTIAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST (COI), Guideline - Declaration of Potential Conflict of Interest (COI), Form - Declaration of Potential Conflict of Interest (COI), All Participants List (Excel Spreadsheet), All Participants List - Record credits per individual - per date (Excel Spreadsheet), McGill CPD Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines, College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC): Understanding MAINPRO+ Certification, CFPC Mainpro+: McGill CPD - Quality Criteria Framework, National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities, CFPC FAQs - National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities, RCPSC FAQs - National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities, Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) Code of Ethics (Update 2004), Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) Guidelines for Physicians in Interactions with Industry, Conseil québécois de développement professionnel continu des médecins (CQDPCM) - Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Avoiding Conflicts of Interest in Relations Between Faculty Members and Industry, Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) Code of Ethical Practices, Policy on the Use of McGill University’s Name, Logo and other Trademarks, The College of Family Physicians of Canada, The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC), CPD GENERAL ACCREDITATION/CERTIFICATION APPLICATION FORM.

This course provides a managerial and technical focus on computational and business techniques which can help to identify new business opportunities and transform an organization’s future by optimizing operational and strategic decision making. Topics include technology planning (production process), design of production systems (capacity and location planning), control issues (production planning and inventory control, MRP/JIT, scheduling, quality and reliability and distribution planning), design for manufacturability, management of new technology (FMS, group technology and robotics) and management of services operations. CMS2 531 Re-Engineering and Integration of Business Systems. Améliorer l'utilisation des technologies et la productivité des collaborateurs.Â.

Information Sessions, Placement Tests, and Entrance Exams, Certificate (Cert.) Evolution of federal transportation policy, including the primary laws and tribunals the government uses to control and structure the Canadian transportation industry in a global context: airlines, railways, marine and trucking; the Canada Transportation Act and the legal consequences of the National Transportation Policy and international transport policy.

Today it is the industry's most experienced, valued and respected source of learning and development for everyone who buys, sells or manages the flow of goods and product, or is impacted by supply chain logistics. Obtenir des conseils d'experts sur la gestion des modifications organisationnelles. A McGill Method Certified individual has training in assisting clients in reducing the risk of disabling low back pain and injury, optimizing their health outcomes and enhancing their performance. Topics include: production and service processes, lean manufacturing methods, total quality management, project management, supply and demand planning. Whether you are a multinational corporation, international organization, small or medium-sized enterprise, government body or educational institution seeking specialized courses or workshops or a comprehensive program for your employees, SCS has the solution for you. If you received a passing grade (≥ 80%), you will become McGill Method Certified. Furthermore, it focuses on management of the transportation function from a carrier perspective, including a basic understanding of the structure and regulation of the transportation industry and analysis of specific case examples.

Dans cette série de webinars, découvrez les formations disponibles pour SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors et plusieurs secteurs d'activités SAP S/4HANA. In short, your decisions will have a real and lasting effect on the bottom line. Topics include: project life cycle, planning, scheduling, implementing, monitoring, controlling, close-out and ethics. Use of operations research models and computer software will be an integral part of this course. Rejoignez un réseau mondial d'établissements d'enseignement et de ressources de formation pour les solutions SAP afin d'aider les étudiants à acquérir les compétences nécessaires pour l'avenir digital. Accéder à des formations, des podcasts et des playlists de micro-formation de openSAP. CITT is a non-profit organization created by industry for industry in 1958. Core business processes and transactions pertaining to supply chain management are identified and discussed in terms of relevant ERP modules. ), logistics (distribution, retailing, 3PL), or manufacturing (sourcing, production/operations planning, inventory deployment, etc). The course takes an operations point of view to look at companies and industries in the services sector. This course provides an overall perspective of various functions that exist within supply chains; macro processes and drivers as well as performance indicators along a supply chain are emphasized. Core business processes and transactions pertaining to supply chain management are identified and discussed in terms of relevant ERP modules. Tenez-vous informé des nouveaux produits et feuilles de route industrielles SAP, et obtenez des réponses à vos questions lors de sessions en direct animées par des experts.


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