Hardly any of the entities on the map would meet the criteria of the nation-state. The key distinction is the identification of a people with a polity in the nation-state. Also, barriers to trade and commerce erected during the war were abolished, and “a degree” of free navigation was guaranteed on the Rhine. Shawn has a masters of public administration, JD, and a BA in political science.

[4] Justice Evatt of the High Court of Australia says that "sovereignty is neither a question of fact, nor a question of law, but a question that does not arise at all." The creation of national systems of compulsory primary education is usually linked with the popularization of nationalist narratives. Two cities, Osnabrück and Münster, were chosen to host the peace talks based on religious divisions between the participating delegations. A State is a political unit that has sovereignty over an area of territory and the people within it. Usually, the things a state must have are mainly political, not legal. argued that a state is a nation-state only if and when a single ethnic and cultural population inhabits the boundaries of a state, and the boundaries of that state are coextensive with the boundaries of that ethnic and cultural population. The term 'country' is a more imprecise and ambiguous term that is often used by laypeople instead of 'State.' 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In 1815 at the Congress of Vienna the Final Act only recognized 39 sovereign states in Europe. In this lesson, you'll learn about the difference between countries, nations, states and governments. Most sovereign states are recognized which means other sovereign states agree that it's really a sovereign state. The Peace of Westphalia was a series of peace treaties signed between May and October 1648 in the Westphalian cities of Osnabrück and Münster.

Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. The treaties ended the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648) in the Holy Roman Empire and the Eighty Years’ War (1568–1648) between Spain and the Dutch Republic, with Spain formally recognizing the independence of the Dutch Republic. All rights reserved. A State is a political unit that has sovereignty over an area of territory and population. 1024px-Westfaelischer_Friede_in_Muenster_Gerard_Terborch_1648.jpg. You may be wondering about the difference between a 'country' and a 'State.' After the 19th-century triumph of the nation-state in Europe, regional identity was usually subordinate to national identity. Nation-states use the state as an instrument of national unity, in economic, social, and cultural life. A state is specifically a political and geopolitical entity, while a nation is a cultural and ethnic one. These events caused widespread fears throughout northern and Central Europe, and triggered the Protestant Bohemians living in the dominion of Habsburg Austria to revolt against their nominal ruler, Ferdinand II. The concept of a nation-state can be compared and contrasted with that of the multinational state, city-state, empire, confederation, and other state formations with which it may overlap. the Thirty Years’ War in the Holy Roman Empire and the Eighty Years’ War between Spain and the Dutch Republic. Quiz & Worksheet - Differences Between States, Nations, Countries & Governments, Over 83,000 lessons in all major subjects, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, The Rules of American Politics: Democracy, Constitutionalism & Capitalism, The Relationship Between Political Culture and Public Opinion, Political Economy: International, Local and Definition, Political Science 101: Intro to Political Science, Biological and Biomedical Most commonly, the idea of a nation-state was and is associated with the rise of the modern system of states, often called the ” Westphalian system ” in reference to the Treaty of Westphalia (1648). No longer able to tolerate the encirclement of two major Habsburg powers on its borders, Catholic France entered the coalition on the side of the Protestants to counter the Habsburgs. Alternatively, a sovereign state is a country. The peace negotiations involved a total of 109 delegations representing European powers. First, “Which came first, the nation or the nation-state?” Second, “Is nation-state a modern or an ancient idea?” Scholars continue to debate a number of possible hypotheses. Most theories see the nation-state as a modern European phenomenon, facilitated by developments such as state-mandated education, mass literacy, and mass media (including print).


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