Department of Lake Research, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Magdeburg, Germany. Enter your email address below and we will send you the reset instructions. In both 2011 and 2013, a greater proportion of flow was diverted through the spillway. Lower elevation outflows maintain higher TP and concentrations within the reservoir in both years (Figs. 4. The reservoir is very large with complex geometry and bathymetry and a longitudinal shift from fluvial to lacustrine characteristics (variable velocities, depths, sedimentation, and erosion) (Sadeghian et al., 2015). Click below to see the possibilities. concentrations peaked at the end of July and into August with lower elevations, releasing flow with higher concentrations in August (Fig. A10 in Supplementary Appendix) concentrations, moved across the epilimnion in the region with the highest flows. Calibration of the water temperature model was performed by minimizing the sum of squared error and the root mean square error (RMSE) based on simulated time series and observed profiles taken at 16 locations across the reservoir (Sadeghian et al., 2015). 10) peaked at the start of June. In both years the majority of N was in soluble form and 520–540 masl outflows coincided with the best scenarios for P (Figs. Outflow is expected to accelerate through the weekend leading to potential total outflow of 900 m3/s. The metalimnion becomes thicker, with decreased temperature difference between the epilimnion and hypolimnion, but with a greater density gradient accentuating its behavior as a barrier between the epilimnion and hypolimnion. The roll of allochthonous inputs of dissolved organic carbon on the hypolimnetic oxygen content of reservoirs. In contrast to the calibration of the water temperature, for which a Monte-Carlo approach was implemented, the calibration of the water quality model was performed manually because of the extensive computational time. Lake Diefenbaker is a large multipurpose reservoir located in the Canadian Prairies (Fig. The lake itself along with Battle Creek (Milk River) are the only two bodies of water in Saskatchewan that support a reproducing population of rainbow trout. Take a wide berth of the Gardiner Dam spillway at Lake Diefenbaker. Transition zones of reservoirs often experience low DO during prolonged periods of stratification and reduced velocity results in deposition of finer materials and associated nutrients (Cole and Hannan, 1990; Kalff, 2002) (note the high concentrations of TP, , TN, and along the bottom, particularly in 2011). The lake is 225 kilometres (140 mi) long with approximately 800 kilometres (500 mi) of shoreline. Changes were specifically investigated for the spring turnover (from April 15 to May 31) (Supplementary Appendix), summer stratification (from June 1 to August 31), and fall turnover (from September 15 to October 31) periods of 2011 and 2013 to give a broad understanding of seasonal change and outflow elevation impacts on nutrient concentrations and distributions. The model solves momentum and transport equations in Cartesian coordinates, and supports variable horizontal segmentation and vertical layering. Greater June discharge in 2013 likely contributed to the influx of higher concentrations into the reservoir along the surface and delayed settling and/or mixing of nutrients in the water column. In the reservoir section, the bed elevations are below the minimum operating water level and therefore affect dead storage capacity (Sadeghian et al., 2017).

The reservoir also provides water for agricultural irrigation and domestic and industrial uses, and significant downstream flood protection. 7. In 2013, DO levels decreased more than in 2011 with anoxic regions beginning to form in the upper half of the water column mid-July for the 500–540 masl scenarios. FIG. © 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. U.S. election: Democrats keep control of House, but majority likely to shrink, What is a coronavirus ‘circuit-breaker?’ A pivot in strategy with pros and cons, Sixty-year-old Rivers Dam at highest level ever, Sixty-year-old Rivers Dam at highest level ever – Jul 2, 2020, Biden ramps up transition planning as Trump clings to power, Remembrance Day is different this year. CE-QUAL-W2 setup for this study was taken from an earlier study performed on Lake Diefenbaker (Sadeghian et al., 2015, 2018). The effects on the downstream water bodies and ecosystems (McKinley et al., 1998; Fjeldstad et al., 2012; Huang and Wang, 2018), because of changes in the temperature, DO, and nutrient concentration of the released water, are analyzed in the Discussion section.

As of today (mon), the release of water from the spillway at Gardiner Dam will increase to a flow of 900 m3/s(cubic metres per second) which will be near channel capacity upstream of Saskatoon in the Pike and Moon Lake areas. 7) concentrations in 2011 is pulled deeper into the reservoir for low elevation outflows without changing outflow concentrations. There are so many ways to explore this one of a kind destination! This was deemed appropriate as internal P loading is not considered a significant source of P to the reservoir in stratified regions such as at the dam outflow despite known P release from Lake Diefenbaker sediments year round (North et al., 2015; Doig et al., 2017).
10) and an anoxic region was also formed for the 550 masl scenario (which declines by July 28). This increases the heat flux to the lake making the entire water body generally warmer and increasing density gradients. Overland flooding is not expected. Although riverine and transition zones of Lake Diefenbaker can experience short periods of hypoxia, this typically happens once this region begins to stratify (Hudson and Vandergucht, 2015). This investment does not take place at an even pace, but is lumpy in nature, as shown in Figure 28. 8. The province started releasing water last Thursday due to high amounts of rain in southern Alberta last week. Stream Flows and Lake Levels Stream flow and water level data is collected at hydrometric gauging stations to monitor the current water resource conditions in Saskatchewan. Hike the diverse TransCanada Trail, with everything from challenging climbs to leisurely walks. In both 2011 and 2013, a greater proportion of flow was diverted through the spillway (Fig. Meghan K. Carr, Amir Sadeghian, Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Karsten Rinke, and Luis Morales-Marin. Lake Diefenbaker was named after John G. Diefenbaker, former Prime Minister of Canada. Specifically, we analyzed the following model output variables: water temperature, DO, TP, orthophosphate as P (), a proxy for soluble, labile P, TN, nitrate as nitrogen (), a proxy for soluble, labile N, and ammonium (). Come back to your cozy cabin after a day on the golf course right next door or cool off on your deck after a day at the beach! As expected, the highest dissolved nutrient (phosphate, and nitrate, ) concentrations were associated with hypoxic depth horizons in both studied years.

The 540 and 530 masl elevations tend to be the optimal scenarios for balancing reservoir and outflow concentrations in summer. July 24, 2013 profiles for 5, 35, and 55 m outflows during hypoxic conditions. Nielsen , A., Trolle , D., Bjerring , R., Søndergaard , M., Olesen , J.E., Janse , J.H., Mooij , W.M., and Jeppesen , E. Effects of climate and nutrient load on the water quality of shallow lakes assessed through ensemble runs by PCLake. Here is little difference between both scenarios and years for (Fig. In contrast, the July 2013 lower withdrawal elevations typically released flow with higher DO concentrations (generally ∼2 mg/L higher).
In 2011, total nutrient concentration peaks occurred in the first half of June when the floodwaters entered the lake, although highest dissolved nutrient and lowest DO concentrations lagged a month behind. This could potentially trigger a situation a vessel could physically not escape the current and be drawn into the spillway structure. The 2013 peak influx of floodwaters entered the lake later than 2011 and an associated large increase in total nutrient aligned with the late June/early July peak of discharge.


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