Some of the other causes of elevated PSA levels include: As your age increases, so does the size of the prostate gland. The Ultimate Guide to Health and Happiness, High-Dose Biotin Fails MS Trial, Dashing Hopes, Over Half of American Adults With Advanced MS Experience Mistreatment by Caregiver, Survey Shows, Tippi Coronavirus: Tips for Living With COVID-19. Though it is very important to consult a doctor for professional medical treatment when your PSA level is high, you can also lower it naturally. Why is a PSA test used as a diagnostic tool for prostate cancer when the results can indicate so many other conditions? One study published in 2016 found that PSA levels rise in some men after ejaculation.

From easy exercises to symptom relief, here are the top apps to check out to help ease your knee pain. PSA tests measure a protein in your blood called prostate specific antigen. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. PSA should return to normal in two to three days.". Numerous drinks may enhance your memory, concentration, and brain function. Having BPH increases your risk for a urinary tract infection. Usually, the levels are restored to normal within 24 hours. By subscribing you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your primary care doctor may be able to tell the difference between BPH and prostate cancer by doing a digital rectal exam, but commonly this will require evaluation by a urologist and further testing, such as a biopsy or imaging studies. There is approximately a 17-32% chance of finding cancer in a biopsy when the PSA levels are above 4 ng/mL but below 10 ng/mL. Prostate cancer can cause your PSA levels to increase, so your doctor may recommend that you get a PSA blood test in conjunction with other tests, such as a digital rectal exam, to assess your potential risk. Please understand this: a high PSA level does not always mean that prostate cancer is inevitable. Any injury or damage to the groin, including the ones caused by a surgical procedure, can elevate the PSA levels in the blood. It may rule out the need for a biopsy in a person whose PSA number is between 4-10 ng/mL. ; canned fruits and vegetables; sugary foods; and saturated fats.

Issues with prostate health can negatively affect several aspects of your life due to potential urinary and sexual pain or dysfunction. You can consume pomegranates as a whole or in the form of fruit juice, or you can choose a pomegranate extract supplement. Instead, your doctor will look at your PSA levels alongside other risk factors, like age, digital rectal exam results, and family history. PSA levels also rise naturally as you age. pain during urination, difficulty in passing urine, pain in the lower abdomen, etc. By clicking into any content on this site, you agree to our Here are the 6…. These include deep fried snacks like potato chips, French fries, etc.

If your symptoms are severe or do not respond to medication, a minimally-invasive surgical procedure or laser therapy may help to alleviate the problem. Many other conditions can also raise the PSA level. The doctor will determine the ratio of free prostate to bound prostate, which is a better indicator of cancer in the prostate than simple PSA numbers. Symptoms are similar to those of a UTI, and may include: If bacterial infection is causing your prostatitis, you may also experience flu-like symptoms and be treated with antibiotics. They are commonly diagnosed through a urine test and treated with antibiotics.

Prostate cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind lung and colon cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. This can include the insertion of any type of instrument, such as a catheter or surgical scope, into the bladder. A plant-based diet is the best when it comes to lowering the PSA levels and keeping the gland healthy. A normal prostate gland secretes a minimal amount of PSA. Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service offering a rotating weekly menu that features nutritious and flavorful recipes. It may also promote prostate cancer cell growth, even in men who do not have prostate cancer. Some studies have looked at the effects of ejaculation on PSA levels. Here are some home remedies. PSA tests are also used to monitor the progress of patients who are under treatment for prostate cancer. A high PSA level can be the first sign of prostate cancer, but it can also be a sign of a less-serious condition. Getting a second medical opinion can help put your mind at ease about your current care or give you a different perspective, which may help you to decide upon your best options for treatment. NBC ‘Today’ Show Cohost Al Roker Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer, Everyday Health’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Twitter Chat: Here’s What You Missed, Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendations Result in More Prostate Cancer Diagnosed Late, Fewer Cases Diagnosed Early, Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinics Improve Care, Treating Prostate Cancer: How to Prevent ‘Decisional Regret’, Prostate Cancer Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More. If you have high PSA levels and a known UTI, you will need to wait until you’ve recovered from your UTI before repeating the PSA test. New FDA-Approved Drug for Prostate Cancer Keeps Men Symptom-Free Longer. They are often treated with antibiotics. Because the test can’t distinguish between serious causes of elevated PSA and other causes, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has historically recommended against prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing in healthy men — that is, men who have no family history, known risk factors, or symptoms of prostate cancer. Is It Possible to Get Less Sleep but Feel Rested and Productive? Indeed, various PSA levels have their own meanings. Risk factors include having: Talk to your doctor if you think you have a UTI. For this reason, high levels of parathyroid hormone may escalate PSA levels. Is there another test I should request instead? In the meantime, here are seven reasons, besides prostate cancer, your PSA level could be above normal. BPH only requires treatment if symptoms are affecting quality of life or health. If your current doctor recommends PSA testing or further testing or biopsy after a PSA test, make sure to discuss the benefits versus the risks of each procedure being recommended. All rights reserved. If left untreated, it may also interfere with kidney function. Parathyroid hormone is naturally occurring hormone produced by the body to regulate calcium levels in the blood. Prostate cancer makes PSA levels go higher, but a high PSA test result doesn't always mean a man has prostate cancer.

Find out whether you can go on less…, HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that provides easy-to-follow recipes and high quality, preportioned ingredients. Packed with antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolics, this fruit is believed to decrease the the rate of PSA accumulation in the blood and hinder the growth of cancer cells.


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