no obviously not! Thanks for sharing your comment with us!

We think all our WONDER friends are AWESOME! :), That's GREAT, Nina! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this Wonder of the Day! Yet we are part of a research team that found a way to get information about Earth's core, with details published recently in Geochemical Perspective Letters. But the analysis required to detect variations in tungsten isotopes is incredibly challenging, as we are looking at variations in the 182W/184W ratio in parts per million and the concentration of tungsten in rocks is as low as tens of parts per billion. I like this one that you came up with this week. “At The Earth’s Core,” first published in 1914, is one of Edgar Rice Burrough’s most imaginative works. Earth's core is the deepest, hottest layer, and it's made up of two layers itself: the outer core which borders the mantle and the inner core, which is a ball-shaped layer made almost entirely of metal. I think that this show lots of information that is very cool :). Yes indeed. Wonder #579: How Are Ponies and Horses Different? Under the crust lies the mantle, which is made up of hot magma and other semi-solid rocks and minerals. 5 Minute Read. :). Scientists believe Earth's powerful magnetic field is controlled by the liquid outer core.

And how far could you dig? Tungsten has several isotopes, including 182W (with 108 neutrons) and 184W (with 110 neutrons). Also, your website helped me a lot with my science project. We think you might enjoy WONDERing about the ozone with Wonder #245 What Is the Ozone Layer? I love this wonder! :), Thanks for commenting, Cam1622! This a very interesting topic. We're THRILLED you're WONDERing with us today! We are undergoing some spring clearing site maintenance and need to temporarily disable the commenting feature. what is actually the force of gravity?as it attracts every thing toward it self or the specific content of the things or if it acts as a magnet than it means nothing in the world is neutral? Our study shows a substantial change in the 182W/184W ratio of the mantle over Earth's lifetime. “This is like Earth just got hit with a hammer,” Day says. The only thing I needed was an author and the date published, information like that. :), That's very interesting, marlon!

Sorry for the confusion.

Our study gives us a tracer that can be used to investigate core-mantle interaction and the change in the internal dynamics of our planet, and which can boost our understanding of how and when the magnetic field was turned on. :), Hi, andrea!

Thanks for sharing your opinion! Therefore, the metal alloy-loving elements are a good choice to investigate for traces of the core. 2014–2020 © National Center for Families Learning,, © National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), hi i was wondering if the inner core was made of molten metal? Want to add a little wonder to your website?

“It’s spinning, but it’s flopping around. But the inner core is a roughly moon-size ball of iron floating within an ocean of molten metal, which means it is free to turn independently from our planet’s large-scale spin, a phenomenon known as super-rotation.

We appreciate you visiting Wonderopolis and leaving a comment! I found it interesting.

That's why the inner core is comprised of some of the heaviest materials on Earth. :). We infer that a change in plate tectonics, towards the end of the Archean Eon from about 2.6 billion years ago triggered large enough convective currents in the mantle to change the tungsten isotopes of all modern rocks.

Movement within Earth's liquid outer core occasionally changes the location of Earth's magnetic North and South Poles. Three years later, that array picked up a signal when a second bomb exploded at nearly the same spot. What do other people believe Earth's core is made of? We love how enthusiastic you are about WONDERing, Cody! Vidale finds that analysis intriguing, but while he agrees that there may be more than super-rotation in the mix, he’s skeptical of Yao’s precise explanation. I didn't know that the core was made of metal to bad we can't use that metal. Keep WONDERing!!!

have anyone been at the core? Volcanic activity is the planet's main cooling mechanism. We like ponies, too! so I was just thinking about how graity works and it brought me back to a magnet that earth and us are just like magnents if earth's core is made up of metal than it must have particles of a magnet to keep in gravity's pull but I was just wondering were probably never going to find this out but what if that metal in earth's core was reversed would we be able to escape from gravity because just think about it when you flip one side of a magnet and try to combine with other magnet it resist it so I wonder if were to happen can we experience the same with gravity. Thank you for reaching out to us! And how fast it’s going has been hotly debated. (Mariah) Dylan, "That the earth creates the ozone layer to protect life here." All rights reserved.

Hey, how was the core of the earth created? Thanks for joining the discussion, James.

Yao and his colleagues recently published an intriguing alternative explanation using his data from twin earthquakes. We appreciate your comment! Ask each of them what they believe Earth's core is made of and why. How about learning more about them while also learning a new rap song? Depending upon where you're currently standing, it could be dirt, rock, or grass.

We're so glad you're WONDERing with us! Vidale then shifted gears and didn’t give the inner core much thought for nearly 15 years. Yao had combed through tens of thousands of earthquakes in search of pairs that strike at different times in precisely the same location.


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