Wheelwright E.L., The Political Economy of Lionel Murphy, Venturini V.G (editor), in Five Voices for Lionel, Federation Press, Annandale NSW, 1994, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government (Australia), Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, List of Australian Commonwealth Government entities, "Woolworths penalised $7 million for anticompetitive liquor deals", "Report of the ACCC inquiry into the competitiveness of retail prices for standard groceries", "Woolworths and Coles agree to get rid of restrictive leases", "Power Balance bracelets exposed as a sham", "Online games giant Valve found to have breached Australian consumer law", "ACCC chalks up court win against Valve Software", "Product Recalls Australia – Frequently Asked Questions", "ACCC and Google come to blows over new media bargaining laws", "Can Australia Force Google and Facebook to Pay for News? The Competition and Consumer Act is a broad range of provisions, such as provisions on anti-competitive conduct, the Australian Consumer Law and regulation of telecommunications and energy industries.

Follow us on Twitter The report found that the Australian supermarket sector is "workably competitive", but price competition is limited by barriers to entry and a lack of incentive for the two major players, Coles and Woolworths, to compete on price.

For example, companies are frequently forced to publish retractions of false advertising claims in national newspapers and at their places of business. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is Australia's national energy market regulator and has an independent board. Such undertakings may include a wide range of remedies to the conduct. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. [17], In August of 2020, Google users in Australia were directed to an open letter protesting the law, which the ACCC characterized as misleading. The Deceptive Algorithm in Court: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Trivago N.V. [2020] FCA 16 .  | 

[13][14][15], The ACCC maintains a website listing all Australian product recalls and the following organisations are commissioned to assist with the surveillance and monitoring of product safety in relevant areas. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. (The Act) did not declare any practices illegal ipso facto, but only did so after detailed investigation by the Trade Practices Commissioner. He recommended, inter alia, that the Act be clearly focused on protecting the consumer.

The ACCC is regarded by some Australian business people as necessary but often ineffective, echoing the critics of American anti-trust laws, while Australian consumers generally hold the ACCC in high regard.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Welcome to the ACCC We are Australia’s competition regulator and national consumer law champion.

If you need to buy products that cont…, COVID-19 (coronavirus) information for consumers, Unauthorised transfer of landline & internet services, Consumer rights for landline & internet services, COVID-19 (coronavirus) information for business, Industry associations & professional services, Competing fairly in professional services, Transmission services & facilities access, Retail electricity pricing inquiry 2017-2018, Monitoring & reporting for container stevedoring, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, Compliance & enforcement policy & priorities, UniSA & ACCC Competition Law & Economics Workshop, Mergers & Competition Exemptions consultations, Digital platform services inquiry 2020-2025, Murray-Darling Basin water markets inquiry, Feminine hygiene products price monitoring, Foreign currency conversion services inquiry, Residential mortgage products price inquiry, Authorisations and notifications registers, Collective bargaining notifications register, Resale Price Maintenance notifications register, Global focus on competition and digital platforms, Birds Eye's owners amend 'Made in Australia' labelling for frozen fish, ACCC to investigate the acquisition of iSelect shares by Compare the Market's owners, ADT Security undertakes to refund customers and remove unfair terms, Trivago loses appeal after misleading consumers over hotel ads, Murray-Darling Basin water markets inquiry - interim report - closed 30 October, Consultation on proposed changes to the CDR Rules - closed 29 October, Consumer questionnaire - App stores - closed 2 October, App developer questionnaire - App stores - closed 2 October, Uniti joint functional separation undertaking - consultation paper - closed 30 September. The ACCC is an independent statutory authority that was established in 1995 to administer the Trade Practices Act 1974 (renamed the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 on 1 January 2011) and other acts.

The maximum possible fine is the larger of A$10,000,000; or three times the value of the illegal benefit; or (if the value of the benefit cannot be ascertained) 10% of turnover for the preceding 12 months. For example, refusal to deal – a producer refusing to supply a potential retailer or customer with a product – is not itself illegal unless the action would have an anti-competitive effect on the market as a whole. [5], The ACCC maintains a website listing all Australian product recalls and the following organisations are commissioned to assist with the surveillance and monitoring of product safety in relevant areas.[6]. The staff of the ACCC form part of the wider Australian Public Service.

It is responsible for administering and enforcing the Competition and Consumer Act.

The ACCC administers the Competition and Consumer Act, and has standing to take action in the Federal Court of Australia to enforce its provision.

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[7], Surprisingly, though the Act included substantial penalties, Murphy's initiative received very little opposition in the Parliament or the business community.[7]. This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. Contact Us It was established in 1995 with the amalgamation of the Australian Trade Practices Commission (TPC) and the Prices Surveillance Authority to …

In April 1973, Wheelwright produced a report for Murphy which became the blueprint of new legislation.

( Lionel Murphy, the Attorney-General in the Whitlam Labor Government, solicited the advice of the economist and business commentator, Professor Ted Wheelwright. It shares staff and premises with the ACCC, but has a separate board, although at least one board member must also be a Commissioner at the ACCC.

The letter stated that Google already complies with existing reimbursement programs that are less broad. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is an independent authority that promotes competition and honesty between businesses and consumers.

Companies that do not comply with the restrictive trade practices provisions of CCA may be fined by the Federal Court. Distributed by Public, unedited and unaltered, on 14 October 2020 23:39:05 UTC [citation needed] Whilst it is acknowledged that the ACCC is required to help safeguard consumer rights, there has been occasional criticism of the organisation as being "all-talk-no-action".


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