Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives and won control of the Senate. Rick Scott, a Florida Republican, survived a close race with Republican-turned-Democratic ex-Gov. Ted Cruz talks about the Republican gains thi... Rand Paul speaks on behalf of Republicans. In West Virginia, Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito is projected to defeat Democrat Natalie Tennant. Washington state approved background checks for gun purchases, including private sales. Legal Statement. McConnell, after winning his own race, said some things won't change next year -- but stressed that lawmakers and the White House don't have to be in "perpetual conflict" and "have an obligation to work together.". [3][4][5] However, immediately after the election, Republicans dropped Ebola as an issue. Elections were held for the governorships of 36 U.S. states and three U.S. territories. Republicans captured total control of Congress on Tuesday, riding a wave of voter discontent to take the Senate for the first time in eight years and … Gov. As many as 59 percent are dissatisfied or angry with Mr. Obama, and 64 percent feel that way about congressional Republicans. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The race in Louisiana headed to a run-off on December 6, 2014, in which Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) defeated 3-term incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu 55.9% to 44.1%. [32][33], The states with the lowest turnout were Indiana (28%), Texas (28.5%), Utah (28.8%), Tennessee (29.1%), New York (29.5%), Mississippi (29.7%), Oklahoma (29.8%), New Jersey (30.4%) and West Virginia and Nevada (31.8%). The Obama factor may have weighed heavily over the vote Tuesday night. Nearly two-thirds believe the U.S. economic system favors the wealthy. [13], National exit polling showed that 45% of voters said the economy was their most important issue. In Montana, Republican Steve Daines is projected to defeat Democrat Amanda Curtis in the race to replace incumbent Sen. John Walsh, a Democrat. A series of milestones were set for women, African-Americans, and Hispanics, among others, in the U.S. Congress and American politics in general.

Thirty-three Class 2 seats were contested for regular six-year terms to be served from January 3, 2015 to January 3, 2021, and three Class 3 seats were contested in special elections due to Senate vacancies. Mitch McConnell strikes conciliatory tone in ... Peggy Noonan and Bill Daley weigh in as elect... projected to defeat his Democratic challenger, projecting that Republican Rep. Tom Cotton will defeat Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor, Clinton: Dems lacked "national advertising campaign" before midterms, For Republicans, midterm hits just keep rolling, After close call, Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner wins reelection. In Texas, Republican Greg Abbott beat Democrat Wendy Davis, who gained national fame last year by filibustering an abortion bill. However, most of them held on, and Republican candidates did well in several races -- including in Wisconsin, where GOP Gov. In Michigan, Democrat Gary Peters won an open seat. Further, GOP Rep. Tom Cotton unseated two-term Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas and Shelley Moore Capito beat Democrat Natalie Tennant for an open Senate seat in West Virginia. Across the various historical outcomes, much depended on whether the same party controlled the presidency and the Senate. Of those worried about the direction of the economy, they voted for the Republican candidate by a 20-point difference, exit polls show. The Republican Party won 24 of the 36 state governorships for a net gain of two seats, as they picked up open Democratic-held seats in Arkansas, Maryland and Massachusetts and defeated incumbent Governor Pat Quinn in Illinois, while Republican incumbents Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania and Sean Parnell of Alaska respectively lost to Democrat Tom Wolf and independent Bill Walker. [39], In Chicago, election judges said they had received automated phone calls between October–November 3 with apparently false instructions about voting or required training, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Thus, the Republicans gained their largest majority in the House since 1928. In the House, Republicans were projected to finish the night with an advantage of 246-189, plus or minus six seats, well ahead of their current edge of 233-199. In state elections, Republicans won a net gain of two seats and flipped control of ten legislative chambers. The elections marked 100 years of direct elections of U.S. Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives and won control of the Senate. [38] Despite being convicted months earlier for 8 felonies, Wright was allowed to take a paid leave of absence as State Senator. ET. Gillespie eventually cut that lead in half, but the race now appears even closer. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! Republican Gov. Walsh dropped his re-election bid after evidence emerged that he plagiarized a paper. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Pre-election polls showed a record low level of interest in the election, and those who did show up were not happy. With total spending reaching $3.7 billion, the midterm election, at the time, was the most expensive in history, being surpassed by the 2018 midterm election four years later. Her mother, Democratic Registrar of Voters Santa Ayala, was also the subject of an investigation in the case, but was not charged. The following table shows the margin of victory for each race winner, which is calculated by examining the percentage difference between the top-two vote getters. Voters handed control of the Senate to Republicans for the first time in eight years on Tuesday, putting the GOP in charge of Congress for the remainder of President Obama's term. In Pontiac, Michigan, local Democrats cited reports of voter harassment and intimidation by Republicans over questioning legally-cast ballots with election workers repeatedly having had to ask them to step aside. [6] 2016 and 2020 studies found that Republican rhetoric on Ebola may have helped Republican candidates in the 2014 election. The average margin of victory was 22.6 percent. Additionally, three special elections were held to fill vacancies in Class III.[17]. Republicans are projected to score another major victory in Colorado, where Rep. Cory Gardner is projected to defeat Democratic Sen. Mark Udall. This cycle marked the first time an incumbent Governor running for re-election in Pennsylvania lost in the modern era. #2014Midterms The Republican swing fit a historical pattern: The last three two-term presidents — Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — all served their last two years with the opposing party controlling both houses of Congress. In the House, Republicans won a net gain of thirteen seats, giving them their largest majority since the onset of the Great Depression. The final total, as a result, was 31 Republican governors, 18 Democratic governors, and one Independent governor. In governor’s races, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate who challenged unions and survived a runoff two years ago, was elected to a second term. In a victory for Democrats, incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire is projected to win re-election, defeating Republican Scott Brown. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. South Dakota Republican Mike Rounds also won the race to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson. But that didn't happen, and as Ginsburg herself told the New York Times in 2016, "There's nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being the president in his last year.". "[36] In September 2015 she pleaded guilty to state election law violations, received a one-year sentence (suspended) along with two years 'conditional discharge', and agreed not to seek elective office for two years. [1] In the weeks prior to the 2014 election, Republicans harshly criticized the Obama administration for its handling of the 2013-2016 ebola virus outbreak in Western Africa (which resulted in two deaths in the United States). The Democratic-controlled Senate in the 113th Congress had a partisan breakdown of 53-45-2, with the two Independents caucusing with the Democrats. The day after the election, Republicans, who achieved a 17–17 tie in the West Virginia Senate, gained control of that chamber as well thanks to the defection of State Senator Daniel Hall, thus increasing their total gains to 11, for a final total of 68 state houses won.


Republicans are projected to win control of the Senate for the first time since 2006, according to the CBS News decision desk. If the race was uncontested, the margin of victory is listed as 100%. Fox News, though, can project that the Louisiana Senate race will go to a runoff on Dec. 6, meaning there will be no winner from Tuesday night. [10][11][12] Another potentially important issue, net neutrality, received little attention during the campaign.

"Tomorrow, the papers will say I won this race, but the truth is ... tonight we begin another one, one that's far more important than mine -- and that's the race to turn this country around," McConnell said in Louisville. To continue reading login or create an account. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. , President, Crime Prevention Research Center. Elections were held for the governorships of 36 U.S. states and three U.S. territories.


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